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August, 2023 Recap


“August slipped away like a bottle of wine.” –Taylor Swift

 Oh sweet, sweet August—leaving so soon (she said with slight sarcasm)?

We must admit, we are very much over the hellacious heat that August has brought us. We are, dare we say it, ready for cozy season

But before we fully leap into that (and OH we will fully leap into that very soon!), it’s time to appreciate what August gave us and what we experienced during its 31 days. 

This month was chock full of changes, with Sam growing up and changing every day, Anna changing her hair in a major way, Banks having a few teeth extracted, and Nathan… well honestly not a lot changed for him — but he did get some pants he really liked for fall (lol). We capped off a generally beautiful month with some wonderful time with family and friends!

Meanwhile, here at The Page Edit, we got to see our new logos (which will soon accompany a huge site overhaul!) plus a lot of fun content for you all. Anything from home design to fashion, we felt like we got to get really creative this month and we are so grateful to have this platform to share our lives with you!

So, all this being said, here’s a quick August 2023 recap:

What We Wore

In Our Home


A Few How-To’s

Ideas for Travel

Our Favorites

Your Favorites

Guilty Pleasures

And Just Like That… on Max

Claim to Fame on ABC (I’m not sure how, but this show sucked us in.)

Only Murders in the Building on Hulu — less a guilty pleasure, and more of just a genuinely good show! It’s really found it’s lane this season.

What We Could Use Less of in September

It’s probably low hanging fruit to say this but… heat. After a very hot July and August, we were surprised with a week of 70 degree temps, only to be re-acquainted with sweltering heat the following week — we’re not whining by any means, given many of you are either in the city with us or putting up with worse conditions elsewhere. It looks like cooler temps are on the horizon as the morning and evening light has already begun to shift towards a warmer tint!

What We Are Looking Forward to in September

In a word: everything. The post-Labor Day rush back into the city has officially happened, and the energy of NYC is already back near full swing with parents walking kids to school in the morning before heading to work and street parking near max capacity. Add to the daily energy boost that football and soccer are back, along with the Queens-based US Open tennis tournament, and there’s plenty of content for us to enjoy! Lastly, we head to see Hozier at MSG at the end of the month, have a few friends visiting between now and then, and, of course, our favorite season officially begins on the 23rd. Happy September to all of you!

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