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Intentionality with the Small Things


“Let us find magic in all the little things in life.” –Unknown

This is a quote we try to live by every single day. Whether it be romanticizing our morning walks, decorating little corners of our home, to finding magic in folding laundry (this is a more difficult one we must admit)—we try to find the magic in all things in life, especially the little things.

We even attempt to apply this philosophy throughout our home by adding touches magic wherever possible. I really feel that intentionality and appreciating the small things in life really go hand-in-hand — it’s our best attempt at mastering frivolity.

What do I mean by this exactly? For example, let’s say you need to get a new lighter for your candles. 

A decision to purchase a new lighter like this is a pretty simple decision on the surface. You could run to your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, or resort to Amazon to get a typical Bic lighter. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this decision! It gets the job done well and it is inexpensive. 

However, the standard Bic-adjacent lighter isn’t (to put it nicely) all that pretty or fun to use.

And yes, you can say “it’s just a lighter, it’s not that deep” and you are 100% right! I am fully aware that it, in its purest form, is just a lighter. But where is the fun in that?!

I think making the most of the little things, like lighters to light your candle, can have magic to them. Not only does it add character to your home, but it is now an experience that you look forward to and enjoy doing. 

Recently on my Instagram I posted a video of a new, little customizable match set that we added to our home. They are the cutest lil’ products we’ve ever seen! In New York City, you can find match sets at restaurants, hotels, and the like. So, we felt that we wanted our guests to have a little something to remember their visit and actually use within their own homes. Everyone needs a lighter for something

A product that I’ve been using for quite some time is a match cloche. It is a glass container that holds matches that I use to light up a candle in our bathroom for my spa nights. It is not only a container that holds matches, it is its own gorgeous piece of art that is a beautiful decor addition. It makes me feel extra special when lighting a candle. It’s really the little things. 

I truly feel that if we all started to be more intentional with the smaller things, than our homes (and heck, our lives even!) would feel completely different. I’m all about making the mundane exciting, useful, and glamorous! 



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