How to be More Productive

Anna's Upper East Side apartment living room with a chair and small table next to it.
  1. Eva says:

    Thank you I going to pass this on to my son I feel like I need time and now that I have it I need to start organizing closet storage space
    Again thank you good advise

  2. Cynthia Fogarty says:

    Love this Anna❤️recovering from a broken ankle ( in three places) and have been really down .. this gave me something to look forward to .. and I so get the IG tunnel as well especially when your injured and can’t do the things you normally do .. chomping at the bit to do fall cleaning and decorating but
    not in the cards right now .. I’ll get there eventually:(

  3. Aubrey Mohandessi says:

    This was a cute blog post but as a mother of three with one in school, one homeschooler and one toddler I had to chuckle a bit. As a full time mother and homemaker being productive everyday is a necessity not a choice. Any time off just means double work for me later. It’s amazing how productive & efficient women can become and how daunting tasks earlier in life become basic routine as you mature.

    • Nathan Page says:

      Thank you for reading our cute little blog! My mom was also a mother of three — Anna’s a mother of 8 — and we are in awe of all they both accomplished as both full-time mothers and part time business owners at different times across their parenting journey, so we definitely appreciate all you are doing for your family as well! As a master of productivity, I’m confident we have a lot to learn from you and women like yourself. Forgive us as we write from the only perspective we can (our own), as I’m sure you can relate to the early days of parenting when everything is chaotic and new. We’re co-parents, balancing all the chaos of home together while building businesses and pursuing our careers, so we certainly hope we can one day reach the level of maturity you already have. Thank you for your input and perspective!

  4. Debra Padula says:

    Such great advice…permission to allow yourself the right to relax sometimes.

  5. Sandra says:

    This entire edit is so full of good truth and encouragement! Thank you for speaking on such a pertinent topic.

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