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How to be More Productive



What a concept, right?

To be and feel productive can seem exhausting within itself. And, of course, we all have our days. There are some days that being (and feeling) productive is the last thing on our long, long, to-do list. 

Before self-care was a heavily discussed topic, I used to try to fight through that feeling. I would fight and try to force myself into some widely productive state that, in all reality, was not going to happen that day (or at least in the way I wanted it to initially). 

I don’t know about you all, but when I really know I want to be productive I can feel it in my bones. It can be an electric feeling that gets me excited and ready to take on whatever tasks, projects, or errands that I need to accomplish that day. Truth be told, I get pumped for a good day of productivity!

But as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t happen everyday. Even when there are days that I’m like “I need to be productive today” I’m simply not able to because of whatever external or internal factors are pushing against it.

 You do not have to be productive everyday. Allow me to repeat it, you do not have to be productive everyday.

There are days or moments where you need to rejuvenate and just “rot”. “Rotting” (per TikTok lingo) is where you give yourself permission to take the time you need for yourself in order to get back in your groove. Sometimes, we like to rot on the couch, rewatch a series, stay in our PJ’s all day, and order takeout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (please don’t judge!) — it looks different for everyone.

But then we wake up the next day ready to go because we allowed ourselves to have a day or two where we rested, relaxed, and did nothing with no ounce of shame. (Okay, maybe a lil’ shame on ordering out three times a day, but!) 

Anyway, when it comes to being productive, it is so crucial that you listen to your body so you can be the highest level of productive you can be. It is so important!

But when we are ready to be productive, here are a few ways that we find work the best for us and really maximize our efficiency!

  1. We love a good list

This one may seem like a given, but creating a list of the things you need to do organizes your thoughts and can create an amazing hit of dopamine when you check something off for completion (ah, it’s a great feeling!) Everyone has their own preferences of what medium and where they like to put their list, but we find it effective to keep track of things on the Reminders and/or Notes app of our iPhone. I have a widget set up on my iPhone that shows my reminders on the home screen, so I don’t overlook them. But again, everyone is different! Back in the day, I used to put a magnetic notepad on the refrigerator. So do whatever works best for you! I also like to categorize what needs to be done. I’ll segment them off like: work, home, personal, etc. and put bullet points underneath them. It really helps with organization!

  1. Don’t look at the whole list, focus on one thing at a time

While lists are fantastic tools in the journey of productivity, they can also come off as overwhelming when you look at the entirety of them at once. You may feel discouraged to start any task when you look at the 15+ things you need to do. However, the best way to combat this feeling is by taking it one task at a time. Don’t try to multitask (unless it’s efficient, which, in some cases, it can be!) but generally speaking, don’t try to juggle multiple things at once. Start with one category, finish every task within it, and then onto the next. Try not to overwhelm yourself!

  1. Set timers

This is something I see a lot of people doing nowadays, especially when it comes to cleaning. When I need to clean my kitchen, I will set a timer for 25 minutes and attempt to get everything cleaned within that time frame so I don’t get sidetracked. (Without breaking anything of course!) Setting a timer can really help with efficiency, so you don’t feel like you’ve been cleaning the kitchen for two hours. 

  1. Play some music that fits the vibe

For me, this is a MUST when trying to be productive. If it’s cleaning the kitchen, I’ll try to play more upbeat music that gets me motivated and dancing while I also try to clean. It makes the process so much more fun (and goes by quicker!) If I’m reorganizing, I try to play more calming music so I don’t get overstimulated with the mess that needs organizing and the loudness or chaoticness of a song. It totally depends on the day for me, but music, generally, always helps me and makes the process all the more enjoyable!

  1. Wake up earlier

I am a big proponent for the early mornings (per my The Peace of a Slow Morning edit). As I mentioned in that post, there is scientific evidence that proves that having a morning routine can reduce stress and boost your energy. But I’d like to add that, having a nice, slower morning routine enhances your happiness and life overall! Yes, it can make you more productive, but life isn’t always about productivity, it’s about being happy and enjoying it!

  1. Give yourself a break or two!

Depending on the task and how long it might take, I recommend taking a break or two. Whether it be to lay in bed on top of your laundry for a few minutes or call your mom to see what she’s up to or going to check your mail, breaking things up and taking short breaks can jolt you back into whatever task it is you need to accomplish. I highly recommend not taking breaks on addictive sources, like social media, because usually, those pull you in wayyyy longer than they should and will make you less motivated to finish your task.

  1.  Go get yourself a lil’ treat!

I am such a big fan of the mid-day “go treat yourself” to a coffee and croissant. I think rewarding yourself in little ways is also a fun way to continue your tasks at hand. Whether it be going to get a coffee, a Starbucks refresher, or that piece at TJ Maxx you’ve been eyeing for a few days—it’s simply a fun way to say “good job, you did it!” to yourself. And that’s always a fun thing!

I wish you the best in your journey to being productive! And I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Picasso



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  1. Eva says:

    Thank you I going to pass this on to my son I feel like I need time and now that I have it I need to start organizing closet storage space
    Again thank you good advise

  2. Cynthia Fogarty says:

    Love this Anna❤️recovering from a broken ankle ( in three places) and have been really down .. this gave me something to look forward to .. and I so get the IG tunnel as well especially when your injured and can’t do the things you normally do .. chomping at the bit to do fall cleaning and decorating but
    not in the cards right now .. I’ll get there eventually:(

  3. Aubrey Mohandessi says:

    This was a cute blog post but as a mother of three with one in school, one homeschooler and one toddler I had to chuckle a bit. As a full time mother and homemaker being productive everyday is a necessity not a choice. Any time off just means double work for me later. It’s amazing how productive & efficient women can become and how daunting tasks earlier in life become basic routine as you mature.

    • Nathan Page says:

      Thank you for reading our cute little blog! My mom was also a mother of three — Anna’s a mother of 8 — and we are in awe of all they both accomplished as both full-time mothers and part time business owners at different times across their parenting journey, so we definitely appreciate all you are doing for your family as well! As a master of productivity, I’m confident we have a lot to learn from you and women like yourself. Forgive us as we write from the only perspective we can (our own), as I’m sure you can relate to the early days of parenting when everything is chaotic and new. We’re co-parents, balancing all the chaos of home together while building businesses and pursuing our careers, so we certainly hope we can one day reach the level of maturity you already have. Thank you for your input and perspective!

  4. Debra Padula says:

    Such great advice…permission to allow yourself the right to relax sometimes.

  5. Sandra says:

    This entire edit is so full of good truth and encouragement! Thank you for speaking on such a pertinent topic.

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