A Tourist’s Guide to a Short Weekend in NYC

Anna sitting outside at a bistro table in New York City.
  1. Julie says:

    What is your favorite restaurants in NYC?

  2. Anna Moore says:

    Is there a hotel that is easy to walk to a lot of the main attractions? Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty views to name a few. First timer here and I have no clue! Thanks!

    • Nathan Page says:

      Hey Anna! Great question! It can be kinda confusing to figure out. So those all are in three different parts of town (statue of liberty is technically on its own island south of Manhattan, accessible by ferry). The Empire State Building is in midtown, and Central Park is a little further north, marking the start of the upper east and west sides (59th street). I’d recommend midtown, because you can easily access the train or cabs to get to all of those places easily. Our favorite midtown hotel is The Palace — it’s iconic and we highly recommend it! Hope this all helps!


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