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An Ode to Gloomy Days


“Gloomy days are an opportunity to embrace the stillness and find solace in the quiet moments.”

I love gloomy days.

And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love sunny days, too! 

But, there is something so calming, relaxing, and refreshing about a gloomy day that brings me a lot of peace. I never fully understood why most people despise it so much.

There’s also something so positive and optimistic about enjoying something that a lot of people hate. (Here me out!) When I share my perspective on enjoying rainy and gloomy days, people seem to kind of change their minds about the repulsive New York City wetness that ruins their clothing (okay, that part I don’t love either). 

I like to think back to the video of Drew Barrymore in the rain. She exuded this energy that was so positive and really showed how people should embrace the rain. (I think it can be a metaphor for life, too.) 

Depending on the type of personality you have, gloomy days often force you (er, me) to be inside and spend the day at home (or some of it, at least). And let me tell you, I love being at home. 

On a gloomy day, I love nothing more than to light a candle, cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn, and watch a cozy movie that reflects the vibe outside. There is something so soothing hearing the rain drops hit our window AC unit. To me, it’s the universe saying, “Today… let’s chill.” 

I also notice that gloomy days tend to feel more quiet than usual. And when you live in New York City, quietness is truly a blessing to have here and there. 

But if you dare to go out and explore—there’s nothing more romantic than a rainy day in New York. If you’re going to grab coffee or dinner, there is a certain je ne sais quoi that makes this city even more romantic than before. It’s like you are experiencing the city through an Instagram filter (but in a good, picturesque way). 

You know how I mentioned enjoying the gloomy days could be a metaphor for life? Well, here’s what I thought of:

Embrace the dark days, too, because they mean brighter days are coming.

And I do feel that that’s true! We can’t shove push away the rain, just as we can’t push away the bad days (no matter how hard we try). We have to be grateful for the rain and for the bad days, just as we are grateful for the sunshine and the good days.



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  1. Grace says:

    Lovely. You put into words what I certainly feel on a rainy day. Such a great opportunity to just pause. And, nothing better than a grey, misty, cozy day in New York! Very romantic. Brings back sweet memories of my youth 🙂

  2. Belinda says:

    I totally agree! Love a rainy day! Coziness at home while it’s raining is so peaceful and a walk in the rain is so relaxing, plus the air is fragrant with the smell of nature (I’m southwest of DC so not in a city).

  3. Vicki K. says:

    Couldn’t agree more..when you have created a comforting, cozy home…it’s so nice to embrace that on a gloomy day…and give yourself time to breath and relax in the midst of the busy, demanding society we live in.❤❤❤

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