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3 Things You Can Use to Make Your House Cozy Year ‘Round


Okay… call us crazy… but we’re kinda already daydreaming about the fall. 

We know, we know, we don’t need to get ahead of ourselves! But the fall brings a sense of coziness that is abundantly inviting and pleasant to us — something is hard to capture in the warmer months.

Traditionally, the summertime doesn’t really give off the “cozy” vibe that we prefer – is it even possible to be cozy when you’re hot? Is it impossible to achieve a cozy home vibe during the warmer months?! Recently, we’ve been trying a few things to reach that fall coziness that we adore oh so very much.

These few products that we’ve found really help exude that comforting and cozy feeling that we all know and love (not just during the fall time)!

Here are three things you need to make your house cozy all throughout the year (without blasting your AC):

  1. Candles or Candle Warmers

    We are big fans of candles for their moodiness, scent, warmth, and touch of low lighting they bring to a space — this one is currently our favorite. Having the right candle can absolutely crank up the coziness to an absurd degree in ways almost nothing else can. If you prefer not to burn candles in your home, we’ve loved having this candle warmer (another option, and one more design we love)!

    *One of the best parts of candles is their ability to transport you with their scent, so take advantage of it! Ready for fall or even Christmas? They sell candles candles year ’round, so you can crank up the Pumpkin Spice whenever you please (or you can hoard your favorite seasonal ones for a “Christmas in July” moment).
  2. Lighting

    We could probably do an entire series on lighting and it’s importance to interior decor, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll just say this: nothing makes or breaks a cozy vibe like the right lighting.

    Two tips for getting it right are to a. pick warmer bulb color options, and b. get the wattage right. For table lamps, we go with 40 watt bulbs, for floor lamps, we go with 60 watt bulbs.

    We also highly recommend installing dimmers when you can — we’ve done so in our living room, bedroom, and foyer, and it’s such an easy way to create a cozy environment when needed.

    *Lastly, please use precautions when dealing with electrical work!
  3. Velvet Accents

    We round out our attempt at full sensory coziness with the feeling and visual richness of velvet. Velvet is a powerful tool in home decor — so powerful that too much of it can be overwhelming to a space — so it’s important to know how to use it to your advantage.

    We’ve dabbled in this royal texture over the years, trying everything from headboards, duvets, couches, or even accent chairs, and at times it felt overpowering depending on how much of it we’ve used.

    At this point, we’ve found that using it in smaller doses with curtains, throw pillows, ottomans, and, once again, accent chairs brings in just the right amount of velvet for the spaces we’re working with. It instantly brings a rich and deep tone to a vignette, and naturally adds softness and warmth both physically and visually.



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  1. Kate says:

    Do you have any recommendations for candles that are non-toxic?

  2. LRH says:

    What bulbs would you recommend to be used in the lighting above the dining table for cozy date nights at home?

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