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Goodbye to the Orange Chairs: The Beauty of Change


“Change in all things is sweet.” -Aristotle

I can’t believe I’m typing this out… y’all… we got rid of the orange chairs. 

I know, you all must be as shocked as we were to actually pull the trigger and sell them. They were something that we absolutely adored and they were a staple in our home in every way possible. 

We bought the orange chairs from Lulu and Georgia in the fall of 2020 when we first moved into the apartment we live in now. They were one of the statement pieces I first had in mind for our space. They became ubiquitous with the vibe and overall tone of the space. They were big, cozy, glamorous and rich in color and texture. They also swiveled, so they were the ultimate chair for all kinds of hosting. 

Even with all the love and time spent in those chairs, we sensed it was time for a change

However, we weren’t exactly sure what that change would be, but we had somewhat of an idea in mind. 

But one day, I was walking through a thrift store in Brooklyn and found exactly what I had envisioned. We found two antique chairs that are, in a word, fabulous. We just had them recovered and we are so excited to have them as a part of our home in place of the two moody orange chairs. 

With this seemingly significant shift in our living room, it had me thinking about the concept of change. 

I feel that change can often have a negative connotation to it, but I think it is beautiful. Especially when it comes to changing up your interiors (and your even your personal style)!

As much as we love our home now, I couldn’t imagine keeping it the same forever. I think we all need change in our lives; from changing living room chairs, to changing hairstyles, to a new hobby, to a more substantial lifestyle change. We all need it here and there, in one way or another.

Wanting to refresh and change your environment is a healthy process that we should delve into when we feel the craving to do so.

Just think of “spring cleaning” when spring rolls around and everyone feels the need to completely clear out and clean their homes and lives to welcome the new and the unknown. 

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? 

Stay tuned to see the new chairs — we are so excited to share them with you all now that they’re finished!



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  1. Chris Phillips says:

    Can’t wait to see the chairs. I absolutely love your apartment. The styling is sublime. I love that it’s detailed but not cluttered.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hope you’re getting some sleep with the new addition.

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  3. Kayli says:

    So excited to see the new chairs! I love a good change that feels aligned with where you are in life. I’m moving to the UES side soon and actually have a chaise lounge I’m hoping to get covered! Would you recommend the company you used?

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