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July, 2023 Recap


How is July over? Already? 

Dear Time, may you please slow down a bit… please? Love, Everyone

But really, time sure seems to be flying by over here! As we don’t love how fast time seems to pass, we aren’t necessarily mad that August is coming upon us — and with it, “Fake Fall”. As most places are in July, it was disgustingly hot outside in New York City for the entire month before this strange cooling-off started. People often deem this time “soup season” and/or “hell” and, you know, it’s pretty apt.

On a brighter note, this month we found ourselves back at the Hamptons for a couple of days, Sam’s turning into a full-fledged toddler a little bit every day, and we finished the month off with a great visit from Anna’s sister, Laura!

We’re still sorting out exactly what we want these monthly recap posts to be, but this month features some of our blog posts from July, the cheese-y tv we’ve been indulging in, our (and your!) favorite products and finds from July, as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly from the month that was!

What We Wore

New in Our Home

Life Lately

Our Favorites

Your Favorites:

Guilty Pleasures

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video.

Is It Cake? on Netlix

What We Could Use Less Of

Use of the word Barbenheimer. Even though N did love Opp-y, & we absolutely stan a woman crushing the box office with Barbie, we’re all good on hearing people use it as if they’re the first ones to think of it. Now that the double-feature is mostly in the rearview mirror, we’re glad this phrase won’t be heard of for a little while.

Shein‘s shadiness. We’ve never been supporters or shoppers of Shein for several reasons. We’re not perfect, and there’s a lot of nuanced conversation around the fast fashion industry worth having, but Shein is one of the more obviously detestable companies out there when it comes to exploiting people, artists, and the environment.

What We’re Looking Forward to in August

Fake Fall!

Hozier’s new album drops! He’s one of our favorite artists, and we’re going to see him live at the end of September.

Lookbook season is upon us. All of our favorite brands are starting to launch pre-fall clothes, which means proper autumnal lookbooks are on the way!

On a more personal note: Sam woke up the first day of August babbling and sitting up like a friggin toddler, Banks is getting his teefies cleaned this month (seemingly mundane, but he’s had to hit a lot of health milestones to get to the point where he can go under anesthesia), and leaves are starting to fall in NYC! Life is good!

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