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June 2023 Recap


“June is the gateway to summer.” –Jean Hersey

Every year we forget just how gorgeous the month of June is. Spring gives way fully to the lush greens and bright colors of the warmer days ahead, people are out and about all the time, and the city truly shows off in ways that don’t get talked about enough — beyond that, the communal feel of the big city is in full effect. While May and October get deserved praise for being the best weather months NYC has to offer, it’s not hard to argue June belongs in the next tier. It’s always milder than we remember, and it’s really a time that the city feels as alive as ever.

For us, this month brought some exciting changes business-wise, as we brought on a new writer for The Page Edit (Jade, who actually helped put the below piece together, along with some other content on the website) and a full-time intern (Carleigh, who will be with us for the Summer). Beyond that, we celebrated Anna’s 30th birthday, Nathan’s first Father’s Day, Sam welcomed a couple of teeth, and Banks, well, he’s thriving in the warmer, early morning park walks.

We’ve toyed around with the idea of recapping our month’s here on the blog each time the calendar turns. What better time to start than at the halfway mark of the year?

We’re sharing some of our favorites from home, fashion, and life below.

What We Wore:

We started this month with an incredibly relaxing Hamptons weekend! We try to get away here and there, and what a better way to start the month than with friends and sunshine?! Aside from the gorgeous weather, being in the Hamptons sparked so much inspiration and artistry that inspired some summer-y outfits that really kicked off our summertime fashion! Anna loved everything she wore that weekend!

We also gathered some fun shorts that we really have enjoyed wearing so far this season. The key to summer fashion is discovering the “perfect mix” between chic, classic, and comfortable—and we feel we’ve achieved that with our summer rotations!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summertime I think of bathing suits and fun accessories (like beach bags and sunglasses!), we collected a few of our favorite (and essential) bathing suits and accessories for the summer. 

The Summer Rotation series will keep rolling for the next few weeks!

New in Our Home:

In June, we made a few small updates to our media wall! If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how much we adore our media wall and have seen how we enjoy changing it throughout the years. We added (and subtracted!) a few things and made some small updates and really like where it is right now!

At this point, we are all addicted to Amazon, right? We’ve decided (shamelessly) that they can just have all of our money. Over the years, we have tried their products to simply mix up our house or create actual staples for our home. So, with our trials and tribulations, we’ve gathered our top 10 Amazon finds over the past few years. It is unbelievable how adding some pieces and tweaks to your home can make such a difference! (We love a home refresh!) 

The summertime is often a time people vacation, find time to enjoy themselves, and bring themselves to their center. But, as we all know, these things often can be costly—but they don’t have to be! It is so valuable to take time for yourself and not have to leave the comfort of your home! We feel that we have figured out how we can make our bathroom feel like a spa, so we gathered a few ideas and products that make you inhale, exhale, and peacefully say “ahhhhh” when you walk into your bathroom. 

People are always curious how New Yorkers find ways to relax in the self-proclaimed “city that never sleeps”. And, let me tell ya, it has not been easy to figure out! After the few years we’ve been here, we feel that we finally discovered some ways to relax in NYC. And really, these few simple ways of relaxation aren’t unique to NYC! You can enact them in your own life, wherever you are! For all of us to put our best foot forward and enjoy and participate in all of life’s thrills and experiences, we have to relax sometimes. It’s a must for us!

As we approach the end of the month, we hope that you all have taken the time to rest, be present, and enjoy yourself in whatever way you see fit. We know it is waaaay harder said than done, but truly, you deserve it!

July is right around the corner and we are so excited for the fresh start and excitement of a new month!



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