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Five Things You Need to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa


If you’re anything like us, the days can sometimes be busy, long, and painstaking on our physical and mental health. And after a crazy week, there is (seriously) nothing better than going to a spa to unwind. However, sometimes it’s just not in the budget or you simply don’t have the time to add another appointment on your to-do list. That’s why we try to achieve that “spa-like” energy in our bathroom. 

When we take the time to feel extra special and pampered, it makes you feel completely revitalized (even if it is on a totally random Wednesday evening). One of our main goals in our home was to ensure our bathroom felt like a sanctuary, rather than a sterile, hospital bathroom (you know the kind). It needs to be a welcoming place where you can relax, enjoy yourself, and inhale-exhale accordingly. “Romanticizing your life” has been a huge trend on social media recently, so we feel that it is only fitting to romanticize your bathroom so you can look forward to decompressing and having some much needed “you” time. 

After using these few things and applying them to our spa nights, it really makes us feel like our bathroom is our personal spa that we have access to at any point. So, put on your face mask, a relaxing playlist, and let’s get into it:

  1. Vanity Planet Facial Steamer

One of my all-time favorite things to do is get a facial. But I always felt that I wasn’t able to duplicate that feeling until I purchased the Vanity Planet Facial Steamer. Having healthy skin and keeping up with a good skin care routine is very high on my priority list, especially living in New York City (considering the air quality is not great). This steamer is not only incredibly relaxing, it detoxifies and hydrates your pores (which leaves your skin feeling so refreshed!) During and after usage, my facial muscles are relaxed, hydrated, and I truly feel like a new person. 

  1. Bubble Bath Tray with Bubble Bath and Bath Salts

Presentation of self-care and bath products are a crucial part of feeling like I’m at a spa. As most of us do, we keep our things in little plastic storage bins that are efficient and do the job just fine day-to-day. But this isn’t your day-to-day, this is a special spa night for you to have some quality time with yourself. I suggest this amazing Amazon find by the brand Vissmarta; it is a fancy, antique-esque tray to display all of your products; it makes you feel like you are at a 5-star European spa! I like to put my bubble bath soap and bath salts on this before I put them in my bath. It is something simple that really makes the biggest difference (when they say it’s the “little things”–they weren’t lying!)

  1. Flameless Candles

What is the key to ambiance? Lighting, lighting, lighting! If you’re wanting a relaxing, spa-like experience, turning on your doctor-level white, bright lights while trying to decompress will absolutely not fulfill your wishes. Low light is key when creating a spa atmosphere. It allows you to wind down and reduces eye strain. These Amazon Wondise battery powered flameless candles set the mood and really make you feel like you are receiving ultimate spa treatment. The flickering of the faux candles will make your bathroom look (and feel) so dreamy and will send you to a place of pure tranquility.

  1. Towel Warmer

You know that unbelievably warm feeling after getting your clothes out of the dryer? It feels so comforting, like you’re getting a big hug. This Rilextec towel warmer is a non-negotiable. After a warm and refreshing bath or shower, grabbing your towel (or robe!) from the warmer amplifies the spa experience by a thousand. It makes you feel extra luxurious, special, and oh so very cozy (you can also throw your robe or a blanket in there!)

  1. Bathrobe

Something that I’ve always loved about going to spas (and hotels) is their heavy, luxurious robes. They always felt different than regular robes. This Cozy Robe robe by LAKE lives up to its name. It is so homey, heavy, and comfortable. It is the perfect thing to lounge in after your personal spa treatment or just to hang out in throughout the day. It will make your experience all the more special. 



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