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Five Ways to Relax in The City That Never Sleeps


New York City: the city that never sleeps. The constant hustle-and-bustle, crowded subways, and slew of bright, yellow taxis is electrifying. The energy is unstoppable. It’s, dare I say it, magical. You never know what could happen next!

But when you are surrounded by it 24/7, it can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to step away from. It’s fairly easy to get caught up in all the exhilarating adventures that New York City has to offer as soon as you step out of your door. It makes you crave more and more every day. 

Although, in order to continue partaking in all the excitement and thrill, we have to relax sometimes. It’s a must for us. 

In times where we feel that we need to step away, gather ourselves, and simply have a low-stress day, here are a few things we like to do in New York City to relax:

  1. Early Morning Central Park Strolls

One of our favorite things to do in the city to relax and decompress is to take a walk through Central Park early in the morning. We love to take walks early before the city wakes up because it allows us to ground ourselves and clear our minds for the day ahead. Central Park before 8:00am is truly our own type of paradise. The park is, shockingly, so peaceful in the morning. It (almost) makes us feel like we have our own backyard.

  1. Afternoon Coffee Runs

We do this almost daily as a way to beat the afternoon slog. Stepping outside, taking a nice stroll, and getting some coffee is the best way to reset. It also is a really nice way to get out of the house for a bit if you’re a work-from-homer like us. It’s really something we look forward to nearly every day. When we have the chance, sitting down and having coffee in a coffee shop without our phones or laptops is, in my opinion, one of the most ultimate forms of self-care. Enjoying each sip of coffee, taking in the coffee aroma, and having quality conversation with a friend or loved one is pure bliss. Some of our favorite spots are Variety Coffee Roasters, Sant Ambroeus, and Ralph’s!

  1. Sensory Refresh

This is something that is essential in our pursuit of relaxation. Sometimes when our house feels it needs a little freshening up, we love to buy ourselves some new flowers, a new candle, and find a playlist that makes us happy — this is one we return to often. We really enjoy putting together a beautiful arrangement that breathes new life into our home. Flowers really can make the biggest difference when you feel that you want to liven up your home! But honestly, lighting a new candle has to be one of my favorite things to do. Not only for the delightful scent, but I love the sound and feeling of lighting a match (safely, of course!) Candle light puts off immaculate vibes that are insanely relaxing to me. And then pop on a playlist that makes you happy, and bam! You’re ready for optimum relaxation. It’s amazing how a new batch of flowers, a delicious scent, and a good playlist can make you feel!

  1. Stay in on a Saturday night

Sometimes we, simply, just stay inside. I think social media often portrays that you need to be out every weekend doing something super crazy and super eventful (go for it if that’s your thing!), but it is often a necessity for us. And when we stay inside it’s not to strictly reorganize or redecorate (which we do love to do), we are so completely and utterly unproductive. We watch movies, order takeout, and lounge in comfy clothes all day. Nowadays, people talk about “microlearning” and using free time in a more productive way to educate yourself on any given topic–and we’re here for it! However, sometimes, it is 100% okay to be 100% unproductive. Because, really, sometimes being unproductive is productive. You need to rest, relax, and completely veg out from time to time. 

  1. Spa Day

This is for those times when you really need a break, or just when you’re ready to splurge a bit on yourself. It’s underrated how much good a professional massage does for your body and mind — mostly because, if we’re honest with ourselves, it can feel impractical and needlessly excessive at a time when we’re all watching our budgets more — but taking time every now and then (or regularly, if you can) to do a spa day is potentially the ultimate way to escape the noise and hit the reset button. We love Spa de La Mer if you’re looking for a suggestion in the city!

All in all, it is absolutely crucial to enjoy yourself and relax while living and working in a busy and lively place. Sometimes it can feel like an impossible feat, but, if you experiment and figure out what works for you and makes you feel the most you, you’ll be able to move mountains (well, maybe after you’ve relaxed)! 



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