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Our Summer Swimwear Rotation


Let’s talk “rotations”!

Whether by design, comfort, or convenience, it feels like we all settle into a curated rotation of “go-to’s” in our lives: a handful of restaurants we turn to for takeout or date night; a few clothing pieces that fit you just right, make you feel confident, or just go with everything in your closet; tv shows that feel familiar and easy to watch on a daily basis (we call these background shows — a rewatchable and reliable show to throw on while you eat dinner or tidy up your home). Whatever it is, in some aspects of life, it’s just nice to have a sure thing — a comfort zone you can mindlessly turn to when you’re busy or too stressed by the higher priorities in life.

Now this isn’t to say that we don’t try new things, but it does feel like when you find a new “thing” for your “rotation”, there’s a weird sense of calming and joy that comes along with it. Sure, you may love that wild vintage or designer coat you bought, but you’ll probably only wear it 2-3 times every fall (and hey, there’s room for nice steakhouses in your dinner plans too, but it’s just not likely to make most people’s rotation), but when you find a piece/restaurant/show that you know can fit in your rotation, that’s something special.

So with that in mind, we wanted to share some swimwear pieces that are currently on repeat in our rotation for the Summer. For Nathan, that’s involved finding some swim shorts that have legitimately replaced all others for him. For Anna, that’s meant finding pieces (some of which we posted about last week) that beautifully thread the needle between chic, classic, and — currently, most importantly — comfortable.

We’re linking our favorite styles for women and men below!

Anna’s Picks

Nathan’s Picks

Shop the Olive Green Shorts Here.

(Great workout shorts that double as swimwear.)



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