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Why Your Workspace Matters & How to Elevate It


As fashion designer Cynthia Rowley once said, “I’ve got a theory; if you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more.” 

And y’all, I really think she’s onto something. 

*Recently, I upgraded my workspace in a few ways. I got a new writing desk (well, new to me, thanks Facebook Marketplace!), got some new stationary (generous thanks to @soundofscript), and moved my desk to a new area of our home to switch things up.

As we’ve discussed throughout our edits, we live in a smaller space in New York City. Therefore, we have to get creative if we want to have designated spaces for designated activities (like a workspace, coffee & tea station, and the like). 

I often preach the importance of intentionality and this was a space I feel lacked thoughtful elements of design and care. I was ready to make my workspace an intentionally designed area that I actually looked forward to sitting down and working at. 

And that is something we all deserve.

We all work in one way or the other. Whether it’s at home, in an office, or elsewhere—we all deserve to have a space that is curated to our needs, will maximize efficiency, and is simply a delightful place to be at for long hours. 

It is so important. 

No matter what job you have, work is not always glamorous or fun. And sitting in an area that is sterile and cold can make it 10x worse. So, you owe it to yourself to spruce up your area to make it unique to you, cozy, and a place that you don’t absolutely despise going to everyday!

And listen, we get it, some days it seems easier (and necessary) to work on the couch or work in bed. But—it is crucial to have separation from work and home (even when you work from home; wow, that’s a mouthful).

There is actual scientific, psychological evidence as to why you shouldn’t work in your bed. A study from Harvard (I hope you read that in an intellectual inflection like Hah-vahd) Business Review’s Guide says, “Unless you are careful to maintain boundaries, you may start to feel like you’re always at work and losing a place to come home to.”

I know from personal experience and friends’ experiences, this is something that has happened a lot in the post-pandemic world. And it is no one’s fault, it’s just been a period of learning and understanding how to balance the two (hey, we are still learning how to do it) and see what works best for your lives. 

Having a designated workspace can help you focus and can actually make you more productive. Just as we’ve talked about in a past edit, adding certain elements to your bathroom can make it feel more like a spa and give off more relaxing vibes. In the same breath, having a desk with all the proper supplies, trinkets, and decor you need (or want) can help you work more efficiently and give off those “boss vibes” we all need here and there. 

As I touched on earlier, having a designated workspace can help with that work-life separation that we all desperately need. Once you get up from your desk, you don’t need to respond to (or look at) emails while you’re eating lunch, going to the bathroom, or what-have-you. 

Now, this begs the question—how do I intentionally put together a workspace I love without breaking the bank?

***I am going to provide a very basic list on how I believe these few things can elevate your workspace (in no particular order):

  1. A floral arrangement to bring life to your space.
  2. Faux (or real) candles for cozy vibes.
  3. Picture frames of those you love or something that makes you happy. 
  4. Gorgeous stationery that makes you feel fancy and professional.
  5. A cute container to keep pens/pencils in.
  6. An organizer container of some sort to keep yourself organized. 

Workspaces do not, and I repeat, do not have to be boring places. 

We wish you the best of luck as you elevate your workspace and make it a place that brings you peace, fortune, and efficiency!



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  1. Julie Donahue says:

    Love the slipper chair in black gingham. Would you share your source for it?

  2. Julie Donahue says:

    What is your source for the black and white gingham desk chair? Thank you

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