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All of the Paint Colors In Our Apartment


Paint is my FAVORITE and typically least expensive way to update a space. You have no idea how much the vibe of a room can change with a fresh (or different) coat of paint! It is also a great update that can easily be changed back to the original and because we are renters, that’s something we needed to be cautious of! I’m adding below all of the paint colors we have used in our apartment because with the exception of our guest room, everything has been changed!


This white is the perfect warm white, without being too yellow! It keeps the space feeling very bright but not too cold and sterile.

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I wanted the PERFECT moody green to go in our kitchen and this color was it. After sampling so many I realized that if you go too emerald, it’s hard to match colors to it and too sage looks too seasonal. For what it’s worth I also think it’s a myth that dark paint colors make a room feel darker/smaller. I love the cozy feeling that this kitchen has, even though there is minimal natural light.

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Again with the warm tones throughout the apartment. This color feels like It looks different at different times but always remains a beautiful warm grey. It has the perfect amount of depth without feeling too moody.

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BATHROOM / Pinky Beige by Sherwin Williams

I needed to change up the game in this bathroom so I went completely rogue with a color we didn’t have featured anywhere else. Because our bathroom is its own entity I was able to get away with this amazing pink. I didn’t want anything too orange while still keeping the fun color element. I think the beige in this color keeps things just the right amount of neutral too!

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  1. Michelle Rash says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your pics. I’ve been wanting to do something different in our kitchen for a long time, but couldn’t quite nail down what I wanted.
    I sent my husband a screen shot of yours and he was immediately on board.
    Thanks, again, for sharing!

  2. TW says:

    Beautiful choices! I noticed that the paint color and brand are listed in the header for the bathroom, but not for the other rooms.

    • Anna says:

      I am able to add hyperlinks to the other items that will take you directly to the site but wasn’t able to do that for the bathroom color sadly!

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