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Before & After Of Our Small Apartment Dining Space


We are pros at maximizing space after living in New York for a bit so this empty wall in our kitchen was no exception! I wanted to create a small dining space that would feel extra cozy and moody and I am breaking down everything I used to do so! Anything we do in this apartment is renter friendly so you can count on some easy tips to majorly transform your rented space as well.

PAINT: Every landlord in NYC is different but ours happened to be super relaxed about any changes we made, as long as it was changed back when we left. With that said, we painted the kitchen ‘Current Mood’ by Clare Paint which is the perfect moody green. I’ve never had a space feel cozier!

FLOORS: We purchased peel & stick tile from this shop that is completely removable with no residue leftover! There were cheaper options available but these looked closest to the real thing in my opinion and are incredibly high-quality as well as scratch and stain resistant. They’re supposed to last five years and they were SO easy to install. Ours are the 8×8 option in black and white. It gave such a classic vibe to the space.

FRAMES: These are a combination of antique finds and prints from our last place. I’ll link what I can below!

LIGHT: Because we couldn’t have a hardwired light here, we opted for a pendant that would work with one of these plug-in light kits! I covered the cord using this and painted over It with the wall color!

Our dining chairs are currently sold out, but linked here.

This is truly the first space that feels completed in the apartment with no major changes needed. When the rest of the kitchen is finished, I will share that before and after as well!




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  1. Marianna says:

    Hello I love the black and white tile floors. Would I be able to get the link or the store name that your purchased them from.

  2. Alex says:

    How did you hang the pendant light? Did you use command hooks or drill into the ceiling? My boyfriend and I are trying to do the same thing and need guidance!

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