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Word of the Month: Grace


Well… somehow… another month has passed. Welcome, May! 

And with May comes a new word of the month: grace

Grace has always been one of my favorite words. Not just because the term alone is a beautiful word to say, but because of the beautiful meaning it has.

During times of struggle, complication, and confusion—we tend to forget that we are, after all, just humans. We are not robots. We are not meant to work 24/7, be productive constantly, or have this perfectly articulated and organized life. It’s just not human nature. It’s not real life. 

And yes, we have to work, take care of our families, and be present for our responsibilities—no doubt! But there has to be a balance. Truthfully, we all need to cut ourselves some slack. Insert: grace

When we give ourselves grace, it is a compassionate and empowering action that allows us to navigate life’s obstacles with self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-love in its truest form. It allows us to be authentic and understanding with ourselves; therefore, authentic and understanding with others.

Something I’ve always admired about some people is an honest response to the question, “How are you?” That question has become so normal and overused it’s almost become meaningless, but it is an honest question that deserves an honest response. When someone says, “How are you?” and the response is “Pushing through!” or “Doing my best!” or “Just trying to make it through the day!” makes me unclench my jaw, drop my shoulders, and feel a great sense of humanity. 

Not everyone is doing “Fantastic!” or “Livin’ the life!” or “Good!” all the time, which is how a lot of us respond to this question often. And it is understandable that we answer it that way sometimes. 

But I am trying to be more honest with those when they ask the inevitable “How are you?” And you know what, today I’m “Doin’ good today! Stay tuned for tomorrow though!” Because that is human. And we have to give ourselves grace by being honest with ourselves and others when a question like that is brought up.

Somedays, my home is wreck, my planner is out of whack, I’ve had take-out for the past week, haven’t maintained a healthy workout schedule, work gets crazy—and I, sometimes, allow that to stress me out when I feel that I’m behind or not being as productive as I can be. But you know what? It is all okay. You know why? Because I allow myself to give myself grace

And let me tell you, it is life-changing. When you give yourself grace (aka cut yourself a large slice of slack) it allows us to embrace the humanness of ourselves, our lives, and those around us. It empowers us to live authentically and encourages positive mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

So, please, whatever is going on in your life—please take a deep breath and give yourself grace. You are doing amazing, I promise! 



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