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Way Too-Early Christmas Decor Finds


While we’re certainly not ready to deck the halls just yet, it’s still never too early to find pieces you love for the upcoming season, and it’s always best to get them ahead of schedule, instead of risking your favorites being out of stock a month from now.

As far as my favorites, when it comes to Christmas decor, I tend to lean more traditional in my selections — I really think simple is better… but a lot of simple is best.

What I mean by that is bringing in lots of garland, velvet bows, twinkle lights and nostalgic pieces. This sort of approach is absolutely my favorite, because it allows you to fill space without being overwhelming or kitsch-y. I always like to strike a balance between something feeling full and cozy, without overdoing it (after all, too little can often feel just as off as too much).

Below are a few things I plan to incorporate into my decor this year!



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  1. Maddie says:

    You really came through with the long garland. This is my first Christmas with a fireplace/mantle and I really wanted to go all out but I couldn’t find a long enough garland that looked the way I wanted it to. Thank you for the recommendation!!

    • Anna says:

      Y E S ! So glad it’s going to work for you – I love the drama it brings to a fireplace mantle!

  2. Hillary says:

    I definitely have already bought some new Christmas decor. Last year I missed out on something I really wanted and had to make sure it was mine this year.

  3. Natalie says:

    All of these are perfect! My Christmas theme this year green, gold, whites, very Christmas’y and natural. I just love your style.

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