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The Two Most Important Investments You Can Make


“Invest heavily in your bed and your shoes, because if you’re not in one then you’re in the other.” – George Glasgow, designer and shoemaker.

We’re not always fans of binary (this or that) ideas, because they often fail to accurately capture the complexities of real life. For Mr. Glasgow’s bold and admittedly silly proclamation, which was introduced to us for the first time this week, we’ll make an exception.

There’s a lot of truth in this idea, even in the age of remote work. When you consider that even the worst sleepers probably spend at least 1/4 of their life in bed, and it’s not a stretch to say the other 3/4 largely involves some form of footwear. With these anchors of routine serving us day in and day out, why wouldn’t we invest in them more?

The internet has had a lot to say about a “post-sneaker” world the last couple of years, wherein loafers, mary janes, boots, and ballet flats have already begun to usurp the nearly decade-long rise of what some may call “elevated sneakers”. So while we appreciate (and recommend) investing in comfortable sneakers, we’re really speaking to the importance of “real” shoes.

Yes, you can find a pair of your favorite designer dupes on Amazon for $25, or a trendy looking pair of loafers at H&M for $70, or a pair of boots that might even feel comfortable and well-made at Zara for $130, but will any of these shoes really last you in the long run? And if they do last, will they be worth the blisters or sore feet that come with them?

Ironically, over time, you could argue investing once in shoes that last longer ends up being the more economical decision anyways. The best, high quality shoes will not only last you longer out of the box, but they often can be repaired, restored, and even resoled! This means your investment stretches over the course of years or even decades, instead of months.

While we understand the temptation to snag a good deal (and appreciate the need to do so), it can often lead to impulse buys (getting stuff because it’s on sale, instead of because you want/need it), which leads to more “why did I buy this?” moments, which leads us to giving things away and ultimately needing to buy new stuff later on! This isn’t the case for everyone, but it’s how many operate!

In the end, you’re spending the same amount of money, so why not spend it on something you’re not only happy with but also is built to last?

Similarly, the place you go to recover from a day spent in your shoes should feel as welcoming and cozy as it does comfy. Investing in a good mattress feels like an obvious idea, but we’re here to recommend being intentional with your bed, too.

Make the space inviting, create a cocoon that makes you feel relaxed, and invest fully in the vibes. Why? Because when was the last time you got in bed and immediately fell asleep? Does anyone actually do that? Is that even possible?

It takes time to fall asleep, and in a world with so many distractions and stimulations, the simple act of sleeping is truly a process. This means coming up with a proper bedtime routine, giving yourself dedicated space to wind down, and putting resources into your environment!

We recently got a new bed frame, added some cozy touches of romanticism with curtains, and installed reading light sconces to aid us in making our routine a reality. The end result has turned out better than we could’ve hoped, and you can shop everything we added here.

It’s funny how simple things like shoes and beds already dominate our lives and budgets. If we pay attention, we can turn both into things we’re excited to spend our days in, and by extension, our lives. If we invest in both wisely, we’re creating a better life for ourselves for the long haul!



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    What did you use for the bed frame please?

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