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The Only Spring Jacket You’ll Ever Need


Springs in New York bring with them a certain level of meteorological uncertainty. One day you’re sweating, the next you’re shivering, and finding the sweet spot to change over your wardrobe (which, when you’re using vacuum sealed bags under your bed and storage units to alleviate your small, limited, and beleaguered closets, involves a fair amount of coordination) becomes increasingly difficult.

Each seasonal closet change over feels semi-permeant — a sartorial hibernation of sorts — so when you put away those thick wool cardigans for months at a time, you want to make sure you don’t regret it on a 45 degree afternoon 3 days later! The key to never questioning yourself when committing to the change? Having the right jacket for the occasion.

Enter Barbour.

It’s these transitional, “will they or won’t they?” times of year that the brand donned by royals for over a century truly shines. For those of us braving the elements (and we are, in fact, so very brave), it acts as the would-be safe haven that a car is for many others. With massive patch pockets, moleskin hand warmers, waterproof waxed coating, and a fully lined interior, they’ve got everything but the back seat (with the corduroy collar with throat latch essentially acting as a spoiler on a Porsche 911 Carrera).

A friend of ours who doesn’t live in the city has long debated owning a Barbour waxed jacket. Despite truly wanting one, they feel it’s an impractical investment, citing the “rain jacket” as an article of clothing that’s otherwise superfluous when you’re in and out of your car. Don’t get us wrong, it is an investment. But an impractical one? We wholeheartedly disagree.

Why? Because on any day like — ironically enough — today, when it’s 50 degrees out, cloudy, and there’s an unexpected chill in the air, a Barbour waxed jacket is the only one that feels right! Even if you’re jumping from your car to that appointment or the office, a Barbour jacket makes a ton of sense. Aside from protecting you from the elements, their timeless design effortlessly toes the line between put-together and casual while remaining distinctly recognizable in a way that doesn’t feel played out.

They look just as good layered with another light jacket or hoodie as they do over a t shirt. They don’t feel out of place over a dress, suit, or jeans. And they come in core colors that never go out of style. They’re an Ivy/Prep staple that has and will always signify a IYKYK type of “taste” without coming across as gaudy or try hard. These jackets are, alongside the likes of the Burberry trench, Levi’s trucker, and Baracuta G9, the jackets you think of when you think of something iconic and classic. The fact that they also repel water? Well that’s just a plus.

(If you didn’t know already, you can have your jackets rewaxed by sending it off to the Barbour factory in North Carolina, so that it stays water-proof year over year.)

We truly believe if you were looking for one jacket to conquer the uncertainty of Spring and Fall for the next 20 years, Barbour is the only jacket you’ll ever need! We recently got to work with Barbour for a Spring campaign, and it was one of those dream brand partnership moments that we couldn’t be more proud of!

We’re linking some of our favorite styles for men (Ashby, the slimmest, most updated men’s fit) and women (Beadnell) via Bloomingdales below!

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