The Joy of Becoming a “Regular”

A photo of flowers with a New York City yellow taxi behind it.
  1. Carol says:

    What a great idea as I moved to a new city during the pandemic and have never really felt a part of it. There’s a wonderful coffee shop within walking distance of my condo and I’m going to start going with the ultimate goal of becoming a “regular”. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

    • Nathan Page says:

      That’s so fun, Carol! It’s been a great way to feel a bit more at home in a new place. We hope it is for you, too!

  2. Margaret Eker says:

    Love this—going to try it at the neighborhood restaurant in Austin—Mamma Betty’s 🙌

  3. Rebecca R Pappas says:

    I love this! I must find a place and do this 🙂

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