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Shop the Vibe: The Santa Clause


Today we continue our “Shop the Vibe” series with one of our favorite Christmas movies: The Santa Clause. It’s an all-timer for us because of the low key, cutting humor and the most magical representation of Santa’s workshop (between this and the sequel, it’s easily our favorite version of the North Pole).

This film is essentially the only Marvel-esque “Santa Claus Origin Story”, and we love how seriously it takes the question: What would happen if Santa fell off your roof, and you subsequently turned into said mythical being over the course of 11 months? As people who spend a great deal of time seriously pondering nonsense ourselves, we love and appreciate a movie that treats such a wild premise with so much earnestness.

Honestly, what would happen if you witnessed Ol’ Saint Nicholas’s death and then began to transform into him via magic? Would people think you’re ill, or even crazy (would you think that about yourself)? Would you lose your job? Would visitation rights to your own child be taken away? It’s hilarious to think that these are the ideas this movie investigates, but it does! (We even get an interrogation scene, Kringle in handcuffs, and a prison break to boot!)

Like we have with Home Alone and The Holiday already, today we’re going to explore the rather underrated fashion on display throughout this movie!

Laura (Wendy Crewson) is the shining star of this movie when it comes to personal style. We’re starting with maybe her most laidback and simple look, because it’s the little things that take this from lazy Saturday, soccer mom attire to an absolute look. An oversized tee with high wasted jeans with a cap and sneakers is nothing special, but tucking the t shirt in and rolling the sleeves gives it an extra dose of intention that makes it feel thoughtful and put together — it also, frankly, just looks cool, and in someone else’s hands, this outfit probably doesn’t look that way.

Most of us don’t think a lot about it, but it’s these kinds of small choices that really reveal personal taste and differentiate putting clothes on from styling them. Next time you run errands or pick your kid up from practice (hopefully without the fear that your ex is experiencing delusions of being Pere Noel), throw on your lazy ‘fit, but find a way to make it your own — roll those sleeves, tuck that tee, mix your sweats with smarter pieces like an over coat or button down or even loafers. Laura is reminding us that the mundane can be a capital-M Moment if we give it some thought!

Also, shoutout to Neil (Judge Reinhold), who is bullied mercilessly for his sweater choices throughout the film. For all the slack he gets, he clearly has his own ideas about what personal style is, and he makes it work. For guys, a big, billowy button down tucked into jeans will never not look good. Throw on a tiny watch, and you’re practically a grown man denying his inner child while anxiously awaiting his very own Oscar Mayer Weenie Whistle.

We’re not even sure Charlie’s mom can help it at this point, but she slays again in this scene, rocking a coat that reminds us a lot of the Totem coat that was popular last year, which feels classic enough to have some staying power. Pairing a big, statement coat with trousers and leather boots is always a good call!

The ode to mom continues with Laura coming through as our workwear queen! Once again, the key to this outfit is it’s simplicity. It’s fairly straight forward: a big, workwear style coat, and a pair of (not pictured) mid-wash blue jeans. It feels quintessentially 90s in it’s look, but adding a turtle neck and leather gloves dresses up the look completely and makes it feel much more elegant. I guess we’ll call it “Blue Collar Stolen Valor Chic”?

We love these “just lounging around the house” outfits from Laura. The first is just a laundry day number, and it’s incredibly cool. Where can we find that sweater today?? The second is what she wore to Christmas Eve dinner! Are you kidding me? Minimal, chic, beautiful. You cannot buy that kind of casual swagger.

Our final outfit for Laura is maybe our favorite of the whole movie. It’s timeless and feminine, yet smart. The big, pointed collar button down under a black, partially buttoned cardigan (yet another interesting personal style choice by Laura) all brought home with some Mary Jane style flats. It’s easy to see variations of this ‘fit working for the office, church, or even dinner out.

Now that we’ve given Laura her just due, it’s time to give Scott Calvin some love. While most of us would never confuse Tim Allen with a fashion icon, he has a few moments of his own.

Look no further than the silk pajamas he’s given upon his arrival at the north pole (pictured above). We love a matching pajama set, but this deep red set has become the version we forever envision any time silk jammies are mentioned. It’s an investment, but if you’re looking for a “feel good, look good, sleep good” moment, a silk pajama set is undoubtedly worth the cost — and the fuss of special washing, drying, and upkeep.

Before, during, and after Scott’s full transformation into “Topo Gigio”, this man had a very solid rotation of coats. From the big puffer he paired audaciously with boxers and duck boots, to the leather aviator jacket he rocks with light wash jeans, to the Harrington jacket that had him looking like he was straight out of the J Crew Fall look book.

In all seriousness, these are three styles of jackets you could buy today and still look good no matter what trends come and go. Leather aviators are a staple, made and remade for over a century. Having at least one good puffer for winter is always a good idea. And while it may feel unassuming, a Harrington jacket — specifically the G9 from Baracuta — is an all-time classic akin to a Barbour or a Levi’s denim jacket.

Scott may not be taking huge fashion swings like his wife, but he does know how to stock a closet with timeless classics!

Speaking of taking big swings in personal style, we have to finish with everyone’s favorite psychiatrist:

For someone who stopped believing in Santa at 3, Neil sure has a silly little collection of sweaters. While most of them are pretty outrageous, there’s nothing inherently wrong about a “loud” sweater.

What Neil gets right is that he always pairs them with a simple, neutral button down and dark colored corduroys — or for a patterned shirt, he wears a neutral cardigan. For guys, this is a pretty solid recipe for how to get dressed on a cold day: warm sweater (loud or otherwise), button down underneath (for when you inevitably go inside and get too warm), and some heavy corduroys (because they honestly look great on everyone).

(There’s something about his style that makes us think he probably is into really good hip hop and low key knows how to skateboard — this man must be full of surprises.)

*If you’re looking for the iconic style of sweater he wears in the 2nd picture above, there are some remakes floating around, but we recommend hitting eBay and searching for “COOGI” sweaters. COOGI is an Australian brand whose quality holds up really well, and the 90s, vintage feel is extremely recognizable and timeless in it’s own way.

In the end, this little dysfunctional family, who are all navigating both the perils and magic of Christmas together, seem to have their ideas of personal style pretty well in order. It’s been so fun and inspiring to watch some of our favorite movies back through this lens, and we hope it’s been the same for you!

Our next and final Christmas movie of the “Shop the Vibe” series (which will continue into the New Year with some of our favorite movies) is a hidden gem that you may or may not have heard of: All I Want for Christmas.



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  1. Kayla Cunningham says:

    This was my first blog post I’ve read in YEARS. This is by far the best thing I’ve read all year. I just watched it the other night and thought about how I wore the same outfit with the matching sweats and trench coat. Loved it and great finding the modern versions. So cute and very thoughtful!

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