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Shop the Vibe: The Holiday Edit


We’re continuing our “Shop the Vibe” series where we re-examine some of our favorite films through the lens of personal style and interior decor. Today’s focus: The Holiday!

This angst-y, love-drenched story highlights the redemptive power of the holiday season, and something about it feels so set apart from some of the other seasonal classics we love — it’s the ideal Christmas/New Years Rom-Com. Maybe it’s the contrasting settings of the small town England countryside and the cinema-obsessed, daydreaming Los Angeles… or maybe it’s just when you throw Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law all in a film together under the tastes and storytelling of Nancy Meyers, magic is bound to happen!

Today, of course, we’ll be focusing less on the cinematography and performances that make this movie tick, and more on the costume and set designs that bring this story to life in a special way for us. Our first look is one of the most fun (and cozy) of the film!

Her cozy, laid back look can really be achieved in a very simple way, and you most likely already have a majority of the pieces in your wardrobe. The key to unlocking the effortlessly cozy yet carefully considered look is to mix knitwear into your loungewear rotation (with abandon).

Sweaters can (and should) be worn inside, too, and this looks reminds us we should more often than not ditch the hoodie in favorite of a trusty cardigan. Liberate yourself, on occasion, from the match-y, dry-fit, synthetic materials of athleisure, and find some sweats you love, and pair them with a soft-yet-smart sweater to nail the vibe perfectly — then crank up Mr. Brightside.

There’s just something that feels a bit more intentional about this combo than your typical lululemon athleisure set. It makes it feel like you have a personal style, or like you had a look you were going for, or like you put some freaking clothes on, on purpose. Anyone can put on what the mannequin is wearing, but the big brain, knit aficionados who make up the unofficial cozy club know how to mix and match and make it look like you’ve found a secret the rest of us didn’t know we were missing out on.

Amanda Woods’ drunken trounce through the local market is a scene that always makes us hungry — plus it’s a masterclass in intrusive thoughts run rampant. Her look in this scene is honestly a great formula for a “uniform”: Complimentary colors, well-considered basics, and a statement piece (that coat) to elevate the whole look (open wine bottle on the streets optional, of course). It you want to create a more streamlined yet intentional way of dressing for yourself (AKA, a uniform), this is a great way to do it — use that formula over and over again, and make tweaks along the way until you find what you’re looking for!

While some of the interiors of Ms. Woods home can feel a bit too modern for our liking, this space specifically has a lot of coziness to offer — not to mention one of our dream amenities: automatic blinds. We wouldn’t hate melting into this situation after a long day.

This cottage is undeniably one of the most adored elements of this film. Nancy Meyers really outdid herself with this one! As Miles says regarding the song he writes for Iris in one of our favorite lines in any movie: “I used only the good notes.” The same is true for Meyers’ attention to detail of every vignette in this home, even Iris’s room where her dreamy, French-countryside, vintage-inspired bedframe is an absolute moment.

The design and decor within this cottage is best described in an article from Better Homes & Gardens by Christianna Silva, “It is all about warmth without sacrificing sophistication.” There are maximalist elements with layers, different patterns, and a wide array of colors—but it all works together seamlessly. 

Not to be outdone, the LA living room has it’s fair share of warmth and charm! Neutral tones, tons of lamps, dark curtains, and touches of varying textures across the room make this space feel uniform, but not too match-y. The coffee table is begging for a game night where someone inevitably takes the game too seriously and everyone gets upset before calling it a night… (Wait, is that just us?)

We’ve always felt that if someone can make a kitchen cozy, then they really know what they’re doing. It’s difficult to take a generally sterile, utilitarian environment and turn it into something inviting. Meyers threads the needle beautifully here.

The use of open shelving in a smaller kitchen like this evokes a dash of maximalism and naturally creates more depth in the space, while the modern, clean lines of the shelves themselves keep it from feeling too overwhelming. The overlapping layers across the room that makes otherwise plain kitchenware feel elegant while remaining distinctly not-cluttered. Every inch is either used for some sort of additional storage or small piece of decor. If an ounce of intentionality were lost, the countertops could feel like a total mess!

While a fireplace in the kitchen is now a new future home goal, this chandelier takes this space to an entirely different level — there’s something’s calming and elegant about having a light like this in an unexpected place. We just know if we sat at that kitchen table, we’d be sitting there for hours on end, sipping coffee or tea and daydreaming aloud until the world gets moving. It’s a space we would not want to leave. 

As we talk about in a lot of our posts, you can make the (seemingly) mundane intentional. So this upcoming winter, try — a-la Amanda and Iris — switching things up a bit. Find yourself a jacket that has some personality and charm to it, so you can throw it on with any outfit and make it a moment!

The same can happen in your home! A small change like a chandelier that you love elevate a room with minimal effort, and adding a vignette full of pieces you never tire of can shift the way you view a corner, and maybe even the way you view the room as a whole. The tiniest adjustment can shift your perspective in a massive way!

That’s it for the Holiday, although, frankly, we aren’t ready to leave it just yet… Later this week we’ll share an edit from another holiday favorite with some underrated iconic 90s fashion: The Santa Clause.



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  1. Rhonda McKee says:

    Oh I love this! You nailed all of the vibes

  2. Sandra says:

    I am LOVING these “Shop the Vibes.” What a great collection for The Holiday:)

    • tami says:

      Beautifully written- and so much so that not only do I want to shop for a new jacket, but I want to rewatch The Holiday to enjoy the new perspectives you’ve just shared. Thank you! So fun.

  3. Ashley says:

    I love this! Favorite post of the season, keep them coming!

  4. Autumn says:

    Absolutely loved this post and all the links! The Holiday is one of my most favorite movies so I truly enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for putting the time and effort into it!

  5. Emily says:

    I love these deep dives on movies that I cherish and have on an endless loop during the holidays. These references are perfect for someone like me who is always looking for home decor inspo, especially when it is inspired by classic movies and characters.

  6. Elisabeth Morgan says:

    Obsessed with this. Will be watching tonight in proper Amanda Woods lounge wear fashion ✨

  7. Angie says:

    Great post! Keep up this series!

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