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September, 2023 Recap


As Green Day put it, “Wake me up when September ends.” 

We can’t help but think of that song and lyric from Earth, Wind, & Fire’s “Do you remember… the 21st night of September?” song September

Okay, sorry, I got carried away. 

Anyway— guys! September is over! What the heck?!

As we do over here at The Page Edit, we are going to give you all a quick recap of some fun things we experienced, bought, or just enjoyed overall!

This September brought us a lot of happiness, relaxation, and a TON of rain (like dangerous amounts of rain). 

We found ourselves dusting off our coats, adding some darker colors to our home, and a lot of stay-at-home days. 

Which we were not mad about whatsoever.

As we talked in An Ode to Gloomy Days, we really enjoy rainy days here and there. It forces you to stay inside, relax, and just be. (Which, this can be very difficult to do living in New York City; where there is always something going on and always something to do!)

Nathan took a quick trip back to GA to hit two college football games in one day (Clemson – FSU at noon, UGA – UAB at night), which was a bucketlist kind of afternoon he and a friend had been planning for a couple of months. We finished off the month with some family visiting before we saw one of our favorite artists, Hozier at MSG! It was Anna’s first time at the iconic arena, and Nathan’s first time seeing Hozier live — it was incredible!

October’s start has melted some of the momentum we built in September, but cooler days are ahead, along with our favorite times of the year!

What We Wore



Our Favorites

Your Favorites

Guilty Pleasures

We’ve fallen for the Suits renaissance on Netflix, and kind of love the old school “case of the week” feel of it, along with the endless onslaught of witty comebacks and one-liners. We also caught the most recent season of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu, which wasn’t our favorite edition of the show, but Martin Short’s electric performance, along with appearances from Merryl Streep and Paul Rudd made this season a fun watch regardless. Lastly, we’ve been indulging in Parisian Cafe stations on YouTube and Christmas Jazz playlists on Spotify to build further excitement for the ensuing sweater weather.

What We Could Use Less of in October

80+ degree days, and people being in a rush for no reason. There’s a hustle and bustle in the city at all times, but there’s a difference between needing to be somewhere, and running over people to get where you’re going. Like any highway, NYC sidewalks serve a wide array of travelers, and if you find yourself as one of them or even traveling to the city, take it slow when you can. People think walking in Manhattan is about moving fast, but it’s not — it’s about being aware. Be considerate, not a bozo, take a deep breath, center yourself, and remember that usually you can afford to enjoy yourself while you walk. The goal is that we all make it where we’re headed, not that we race to get there.

What We Are Looking Forward to in October

[Insert Autumnal Accoutrements Here], but one of our favorite underrated fall occurrences is when you’re traversing to one of your regular stops and see it with leaves changing and fall light for the first time all season. It takes you by surprise. You’ve seen this place before, you’ve even seen it this way before, but this time is new, different, and that moment will never be repeated exactly the same ever again. It’s simple, and an over-romanticization of the every day — but then again, if we’re not doing that, then we’re in the wrong line of work!



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