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Our NYC Living Room


When deciding on the vibes for our new place I knew one thing: different from anything we’d ever had. The tough part about my taste is that it’s ALL OVER THE PLACE. I love boho, modern, traditional, farmhouse, modern farmhouse…all of It! This was the first time in our marriage that I was truly able to pick out exactly what I wanted. When we got married It was Ikea, Goodwill and hand-me-downs, which we were SO grateful for. But I finally had to opportunity to curate what I wanted. With my mixed taste, I was in a panic that everything wouldn’t mesh well. Once the design of everything was coming to a close my sister-in-law brilliantly reminded me of this: to look at It as building an outfit. I build an outfit starting with classic pieces and then add some spice in with accessories ALWAYS. So that’s what I did. Thanks, Em.

I decided that for the large pieces (rugs, couch, large furniture) I would keep It traditional and classic. Where the fun came in was accessorizing everything, that’s where I felt like I could go outside of one lane and add in other elements from other styles. Also I would like to give a personal shout-out to my husband who was absolutely zero help because he doesn’t care. The man is very secure (hence the pink bed from our last apartment) so all I got from him was “Whatever you think babe, I trust you completely.” *eye roll* but also if he did have an opinion I’d be like “STAY IN YOUR LANE” so truly this is for the best. Love u hunny.

GREEN CHAIR: It turned into a life lesson if I’m being honest. I’ve always wanted a green velvet chair, for years. Where the love came from I have NO idea. I agonized (embarrassing I’ll admit) over this for WEEKS. “One neutral chair is the safe option. Everything would go with It. What if you change your mind? What if we get sick of It?” Yeah well spoiler alert Anna, you’re moving to New York are we really concerned with the safest options right now?! We got the chair. It’s a statement piece and I FREAKING LOVE IT. So this is not just a green chair anymore. It’s a reminder that if you love something, to just go for It. Because if you love It, you’ll make everything work around It. And things that go with EVERYTHING? Boring if you ask me.

COUCH: We were really fussy in our needs for a couch. We wanted a place people could sleep (and be comfortable) so a queen size, memory foam mattress was a must. Nathan threw in that he would love a chaise lounge and, for the love, it’s the only thing the man cared about so I had to make that work for him! I wanted It to be white because It needed to be chic AF. Insert: APT2B. They had It all AND the fact that this one has a reversible chaise made It that much better! The couch is amazing and SO easy to clean. Do I wipe Banks’ feet every time he comes inside and do I sleep with a bottle of Oxyclean? Yep! Sure do! *moves to dirtiest city ever *brings dog *buys white couch. WORTH IT! But really, it’s incredibly durable, stain resistant (they pride themselves on that), comfortable and BEAUTIFUL! It is the perfect couch. Our exact style is HERE! Wait for them to have a sale, you can get a good deal if you do!

TV: I had one (ok two…five at best) things I was adamant about having in our new place. One was this Samsung Frame TV. I was putting so much effort into the design of this place I wasn’t about to let an ugly TV kill my vibe. This lays flat against the wall and goes into art mode when it’s off. So It honestly does just look like a beautiful piece of art and you can change the art on It as well. It’s STUNNING and the amount of messages I’ve received asking “WAIT, where is your tv?” makes my heart very happy. I plan on doing some more art around It to make a collage but I am loving It so far. We found ours here on eBay and saved a lot of money getting It from there!

This space needed to be an oasis from the crazy city that’s just outside our windows, and it’s just that. I’m so happy with how It turned out and hope you can find some design (and life) inspiration from It as well! Not everything is quite finished but progress over perfection is apparently a thing, so let’s consider this post practice of that.





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  1. I love your style and I miss our condo! I have the same glass lamp and tree, but I love the pop of colour you have with that green chair its a perfect fit.

    Stephanie | a learning story blog

    • Anna says:

      Thank you! It’s such a fun pop of color. I’m so happy I went with It instead of playing It safe!

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