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New Finds for Our New Home!


We joked this week that — for as lauded and liberating as the “leaning out” transition to NYC from the ‘burbs is (smaller spaces, no cars, & minimal ability to just accrue lots of stuff) — no one talks about the transition back. You now have to replace at least some of the things you extricated from your life during the move, and things like transportation can’t wait!

While we’re obviously going to take our time filling every corner of our new home, there’s still so much to consider at first! We’ve only ever lived in small spaces in our nearly 10 years of marriage, so an adjustment like this does feel a bit daunting.

Ironically, on the long list of priorities, the decor (the fun stuff) often gets lost in the shuffle. As silly as it sounds, we find ourselves having to sit down and make focused time to design the space and find intentional pieces to fill it with. Otherwise, the creating a space you want to live in gets swept away in the sea of logistics.

We’ve had a ton of luck on Wayfair over the years with finding great decor and furniture for our apartments. For as many products as they offer, they have an incredibly easy to use website that makes filtering and sorting by brand, product type, or deal extremely easy. When you’re looking for genuinely great quality, variety, and pricing, we’ve found that Wayfair is the most reliable option on the internet!

We’re linking some of our favorite recent finds for our new home below! We can’t wait to see this project come to fruition in the coming weeks and months!

*Today’s post is sponsored by Wayfair.



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  1. Loved this post! You can’t plan everything, you’ll have to live in it to get the feel. Fear not! Rome was not built in a day, and in the meantime, I’m waiting with baited breath, can’t wait! All the best you 4!

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