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Menswear Weekend Finds 9.19 | Down to Earth


I made some absolutely wild “personal style” choices as a kid. From sporting full sweats some Summers — always inside-out for some reason — to fifth grade when I bleached my hair so dramatically that I legitimately glowed in the dark, to the homemade basketball jerseys I made with my dad when I was little.

I’ve been nearly all over the clothing map, donning an orange button down with a tiger on the back of it that I couldn’t get enough of as a 9 year old, jeans baggy enough that they dragged the ground so the seams could get frayed, and even the occasional double-polo — where the inside shirt had to match the color of the horse on the outside shirt, of course.

I guess, for all my foibles, at least you can say I was making choices, right? Like someone who has reptiles as pets or those guys who buy the motorized tricycles.

And man, I made some choices.

Nowadays, after a bout with the sneakerhead and streetwear life a few years ago, I’ve tried to settle into a bit of a more classic look, tweaking things ever so slightly for new trends I like, without being tossed by the whichever way the zeitgeist winds blow.

The good news is, when it comes to the idea of personal style, there’s room for everyone to find something they like nowadays. The internet is full of mood boards, articles, and look books to give you ideas of what you may like. The bad news? There’s so much to choose from that it can be maddening to decide whether you actually like anything that people say “looks good”.

(*Quick note if you struggle to know where to start with clothes: I like to look at brands like Aime Leon Dore, Knickerbocker NYC, Corridor, Ralph Lauren, RRL, and 3sixteen for ideas, and then explore vintage options like eBay and Etsy, along with other sites to find similar options at a lower price point. It’s not always possible to do, but sometimes you find great alternatives to expensive pieces.)

The personal style struggle is why I wanted to focus on some solid fall pieces in classic colorways: earth tones and neutrals.

Below you’ll find a list of pieces from J Crew, H&M, and, sort of surprisingly, Gap. All three stores are having flash sales right now and have released some solid fall gear so far. I hope this list gives you an easy jumpstart for any fall wardrobe plans!



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  1. Clarke says:

    Love your GAP choices

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