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Give Him a Gift, Not a Gift Card


Don’t do it.

I know your brother hasn’t given you any hints about what he wants for Christmas yet, and your mom keeps forgetting to text you ideas for your dad, and your boyfriend/husband just keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints about a PS5 (I bet he hasn’t caught your not-so-subtle hints that it isn’t happening).

I get it, we (men) are simple, but we’re not always easy to figure out… still, whatever you do, don’t go there — not yet. I know it’s tempting, it’s safe, and it may even feel like a win-win (trust me, I know), but, even if you already have it in your cart, do not buy that Amazon gift card. Would he be able to buy what he wants? Sure. Would he end up spending it on a Star Wars Lego set? Absolutely.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never turn down a gift card of any balance or to any establishment — who doesn’t love buying guilty pleasure Lego sets with Amazon gift cards? Still, isn’t it about time we rally together and believe in something more? I for one want to believe in a future where gift giving can still make someone else’s heart fill with the kind of Christmas spirit that moves the Clausometer needle so much that Santa’s sleigh can fly without the Kringle 3000. Okay, that’s a little dramatic (and completely unrealistic — we all know the Kringle 3000 technology was replaced in ’04), but you get the point.

That’s why this post exists: to hopefully, possibly help make buying an actual present for the males in your life a smidge easier. So, whatever you do this year, resist the urge to buy that gift card.

Cool Beans

Make the best cup of coffee with mad scientist gear that still passes the vibe check in the kitchen.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour-Over Coffee Filters

Pour-Over Coffee Kettle

Insulated Coffee Mug

Indigo Coffee Mug

Booze or Bruise

Class up his bar cart, improve his home work-out, or give him a new tool for his next demolition project.

Disclaimer: Maybe don’t use all of these at the same time.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Spherical Ice Mold

Resistance Bands

Demolition Multi-tool

Aesthetically Speaking

It’s not the first thing we think about, but guys like having cool stuff to hang on our walls, too.

Movie Print – If he’s not a Will Ferrell fan, this shop has just about any other movie you can imagine, including a personal favorite of the Office fans.

Michael Scarn – Speaking of the Office

Sports Prints

The Work From Home Uniform

Drip & comfort can co-exist.

Boxy T-Shirt – Size down for the best fitting oversized tee you can buy for $11. (I’m normally a L, but I buy these in a M. Size down two if you want a slimmer/fitted look)

Stretchy Pants – This brand was Gap’s take on Lulu Lemon’s combination of comfort/style/athleisure/tech-y workout wear. They’re closing their doors in January, so get these while you can!
(They also come in an athletic fit for my thicc bois, and a cropped fit for those who are either ahead of the fashun curve or are just vertically challenged.)

Blue Light Blocking Readers

Casio Watch – I’ve worn this $11 watch almost every day for a year. It can take a beating, looks way more “high-end” than it is, and Tyler, the Creator made it famous — say less.

Daniel Wellington Watch – This is the watch that made me start wearing watches. Anna bought it for me 4 years ago, and I’ve worn it out ever since. To me, it’s the perfect not-too-high-end-but-also-not-a-Timex watch.



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  1. Katelyn says:

    This made me laugh out loud (specifically the PS5 part because that is my life haha) and was also very well done! Thank you!

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