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Finding Ways to Make Space for Yourself


Living in an apartment tends to put a ceiling (and some relatively close walls) on how much space you can have to yourself and be creative with as an individual.

Man caves, walk-in closets, libraries or treehouses aren’t really a thing in a two bedroom, let alone a studio. And while we’re fortunate to not live in a “shoebox” apartment that you often hear about in New York, it still can be difficult to feel like a part of your apartment is truly yours. If you have roommates or a spouse, virtually every square foot is shared, so when you find a corner that feels like it’s truly yours, you cherish it in a special way.

I think that’s why I’ve grown so fond of this little kitchen nook. At first, it felt like putting a table in this spot was the most obvious use of space–where else would you put a kitchen table than, well, the kitchen? But over time, as decorations and other pieces started to come together, this nook started to really take shape and develop a uniquely welcoming warmth.

I started to find myself sitting at this table in the morning while I drink my coffee and eat breakfast, watching the sun come in while a record plays a few feet away. Then I found myself working at this spot during the day, sitting there when Nathan and I have serious talks about the future, or even enjoying a glass of wine there when we’re celebrating a new milestone.

While it’s certainly still a shared space for us both, in many ways it’s become the space I go to when I need to focus, feel inspired, relax, celebrate, cry, or talk to my momma on the phone about how slow I was when getting ready for school as a kid — apparently I couldn’t be bothered to “hurry” in the mornings.

I’ve brought together a pretty eclectic arrangement to decorate my corner of our apartment, but I’ve highlighted several amazing pieces from Walmart that bookended the setup of this space below — from the table and chairs that started it, to the dishes and vase that added a sense of completion to it all.

You can shop this space from Walmart here:

We are so excited to bring you today’s post, courtesy of Walmart!



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  1. Moni says:

    I love the color walls. It’s a beautiful color backdrop in highlighting your art. I would love to know the color you used. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Leah says:

    The little frame around the outlet = adorable!

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