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Don’t Panic: It’s Just The Nordstrom Sale


I’ve rounded up a few things that I would recommend buying from the Nordstrom sale! I only suggest buying things that don’t often go on sale. As much as the sweaters and basic tees seem tempting and are OVERLY hyped up, pass on them. You can get them for a similar price later on from a ton of retailers. I always use this opportunity to stock up on items that rarely are marked down and go from there! If you don’t see a popular item on my list (faux leather leggings, Nordy pajamas, Zella leggings, etc.) it’s probably because I’ve purchased in years past and wasn’t that impressed!


*one of my favorite items from last year were these rain boots that look like Chelsea boots, they’re SO chic. Size up half a size!


*investments pieces worth looking into are this Barbour Jacket. I also always grab a plaid jacket at this sale and wear It year round!


*I NEVER see this mirror on sale, it’s a must have for getting ready and traveling because It has the best light! This hair dryer dries my hair faster than anything I’ve ever used. Even with 22″ extensions, It takes me less than 10 minutes!




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  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you for posting your favorites and not hyping up all the usual suspects. Appreciated!

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