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Our Main Bedroom


We have slowly but surely been wrapping up any re-decorating in our apartment since the new year! One project I wanted to tackle was our bedroom, because It just wasn’t quite right (which is why I’ve never shared the full thing). I wanted It to look different than every photo I’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram…but always have a hard time combining the different home styles I love! I think with the changes we made and the pieces we added, It all came together really nicely!

I would also like to note that this room is SMALL! You can see here how we organized all of It. Even though a four post bed probably wasn’t the most practical option…I love It and It has great storage under It! The rug was a new addition as well. I wanted something a bit brighter with a texture instead of a print. I was SHOCKED at how inexpensive this rug was!

Adding this quilt and matching pillows allowed us to pull a little bit of a traditional feel. It also is an easy way to add a good amount of texture and interest to the space if you’re a neutral lover like me! Because we couldn’t do much above the bed, we wanted to add all of the details to our nightstands. Adding sconces helped even out the height from the bed and the picture frame and book combo above the nightstand hid the chord perfectly. I was able to keep this space pretty busy since our bed stayed really simple, I would always say to do one or the other are far as business is concerned!


My favorite pillowcase can be found here.


HERE are the same sconces from a different retailer.


This clothing rack has been a game changer for this space. It’s where I keep items that are new and needing to be styled and shot. I also keep designer shoes and headbands on the shelves so those don’t get lost in the abyss that is my closet!

We adore this dresser! It is great for smaller spaces but still is a high quality piece (with a reasonable price tag too). This mirror is what I found as an alternative to the outrageously priced Anthro option. The size actually works much better for the space and still has such a pretty vibe! You can always add some cute jewelry organization to this space as well but always, always add candles for an extra cozy factor!

This space feels like such a sanctuary for me! All of my tastes ended up mixing really well, and for that I’m very thankful! Thanks for reading!




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  1. Diane says:

    A perfect space! I just love every part of it! The hats, the mirror, the color scheme, the bedding, and of course the view!

  2. Caroline says:

    Obsessed with the whole room! I’ve been looking for new nightstands and those ones are so cute styled with the baskets underneath! Also, I cannot believe how good of a deal the patterned quilt is!

    xx Caroline

  3. Katie G says:

    Love this room!!! Do you have a duvet cover over your comforter? Is it white or ivory?

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