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Finding the Best Art for Your Frame TV


When I was 8, I remember one Saturday in particular, where I walked to my best friends house in our cul-de-sac. His house was every spikey-haired, pre-adolescent boy’s dream — he had the coolest toys, a room with a futon in it, his older brother’s cd collection, whatever the newest video game system was, and a trampoline (complete with a massive hole we had created from trying to skateboard on it).

This Saturday was unique, however, because his parents had just gotten what was affectionately known to us as a “big screen tv”. And boy oh boy, was it massive. If you haven’t seen a rear projection, 55 inch tv before, let’s just say they were bigger, and, potentially, heavier than a Prius. But let me tell you, watching Heavy Weights or The Goonies on that tv was just about as good as life gets.

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way from giant glass tubes or needing a few neighbors and the perfect amount of leverage to move your tv a few inches to avoid the glare (because if you ever watched one of these tvs during the day in a house with literally any windows, glare was definitely going to be a problem). These days, we have 55 inch televisions that weigh less than a plate of your mom’s chicken pot pie and look like they should be hanging in The Met.

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you know that Anna and I are huge fans of the Samsung Frame TV. Last month we shared an in-depth review of the Frame, and now we wanted to focus on its most distinctive feature: Art Mode. Whether you already have a Frame TV or are considering getting one soon (or if you just need a new desktop photo for your computer), we hope the art we share here will be a resource for your digital decorative endeavors.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite art for the Frame, along with steps for how to add it your TV!

We personally prefer using images without the “mat” option. To do this, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Edit your art or photo to 3840 x 2160 pixels (we edit ours in Canva, but any photo editing app should work). Make sure the edited version is saved to your phone.
  2. You can add art via the “Smartthings” app, which also can act as a remote control for the tv. Download “Smarttings” for free from the App or Google Play Store.
  3. After downloading, you’ll need to add your TV to the Smartthings app, which is an easy process.
  4. Once added, click on your device from the “Devices” menu, and then click the “Discover More” button under “Art Mode” (this section will show under the remote control section of the app).
  5. Select “Add Your Photos +” and then choose your photo.
  6. Then at the bottom of the selection screen, choose “Create Mat”, then select “No Mat”.
  7. Tap the “Set on the Frame” button.
  8. From there, you should magically see the new art appear on your Frame TV!

The final step? Pop some popcorn, draw the shades, flip on The Goonies and settle in for 114 minutes of nostalgia-fueled action. (We’ll be there in five.)



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