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2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide


Growing up in church, we always used to joke that mom’s got roses during the Mother’s Day Sunday service, and on Father’s Day… well, dad’s got a book describing, in detail, all the ways they needed to improve at being fathers.

Maybe it makes up for all the Christmases where mom got a bathrobe while the rest of us played with our new toys, but it always felt a bit of a tough beat for dad’s who probably would been just as happy with a deck of cards or a “Worlds Greatest Dad” coffee mug (even if it’s sarcastic). But hey, that’s showbiz baby! One day you’re leading a dance party in the kitchen, and the next you’re soul searching in the 3rd seat from the aisle on the 18th row. Thus are the highs and lows of fatherhood. (And we wouldn’t have it any other way!)

With my 2nd official Father’s Day approaching, I feel slightly more qualified to make one of these gift guides — and, of course, equally qualified to write one of the aforementioned books on fatherhood. That said, I have the heart of a child (the doctors can’t explain why it’s so small — pardon the dad joke), so some of these are meant to be as fun as they are practical. I hope they’ll serve as some useful ideas if you haven’t found the right thing just yet!

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The iconic NYC coffee cup you can use more than once.
While we’re talking bean water, if you’re hubby or dad is a coffee nut, CHEMEX drip coffeemakers are the best cup of coffee in my book. (Plus it’s kind of a fun process to nerd out about.)
Let’s keep the theme of liquids going with my favorite tumbler I’ve ever owned. Works extremely well hot or cold, comes in neutral colors, and is the ideal size for sipping water or coffee throughout the work day.
BULOVA was kind enough to give me this watch, and I absolutely love it. It’s sized nicely so it should look good on any wrist, can be dressed up or down, and the green color is really sharp in person! It’s also 25% off for Father’s Day! Thank you again for the gift, BULOVA!
I was skeptical of the hype at first, but I really love my Hatch now. It’s helped me create a great wind down and wake up routine, and it’s a bit more visually interesting than your standard alarm clock.
Staying on the nightstand is one of my favorite gadgets — the Courant charging station. I love that it’s magnetic, keeps my phone vertical, and can charge my air pods on the bottom pad while my phone charges on the top one. They have lots of other styles of chargers with different features, but this is my favorite.
Nice pens are such an underrated gift, and this one has an understated but rugged design while also not breaking the bank (less than $50). It’s my go-to pen for journaling and writing.
For the outdoorsmen, or the guy who just likes gear. Tinderboxes are as fun as they are helpful in a pinch, and this one from TS looks phenomenal. Something about starting a fire — or knowing you could at any moment — is quintessentially “dad”.
Cologne is the classic “I would never buy this for myself” gift that I love to get. This scent from Polo is my go-to for warmer months, and Anna loves when I wear it!
A true dad hat. Abercrombie makes the best vintage-inspired hats for the price (with the bonus of not worrying about wearing someone else’s cap or not being able to return it). With the Olympics coming up, this is a fun hat to have for the Summer!

PS: If you’re husband isn’t afraid of vintage, here’s a search on eBay for some true throwbacks.

Anna has a pair of her dad’s old aviators, and they feel like owning a signed, game worn jersey from a famous athlete. This pair is a bit of an unexpected, more modern twist on a classic — and some of the best shades I’ve ever owned.
A dad-bod-approved t shirt if there ever was one. This is one of the most flattering tees a guy can wear — tight on the arms and chest with space around the gut. For the money, this is the best t shirt you can buy.
Taylor Stitch makes some of the most high quality menswear you can find at a really solid price. This shirt fits great and is fun without being overly flashy or trendy.
The best workout shorts in the world, bar none — and I’ve tried a few! They have all the features you could ask for, come in a few core colors (with or without liner as well as 5″ inseam or 7″ inseam), and can double as a bathing suit. These fit like a dream and take a beating like nobody’s business. I’m 5’10”, 175lb and wear a size M.
I love these as an alternative to flip flops and loafers. Mules/clogs are a bit of a reach outside the comfort zone for most guys (including me at first), but I’ve found they’re an incredibly comfy and practical option that I wear often!
For the dad who never stopped listening to Blink-182. These are the premium version of slip-on vans, so they’re cushier and made with better materials! We always love a good slip-on!
My go-to pack for lugging stuff around town. The outer pockets are really handy, and I’ve even used this as a weekender bag recently. Highly recommend!
Every guy can find a use for a Leatherman. I keep mine with me when we travel and use it frequently! It’s an awesome multi-tool to have, and the black color is very cool.



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