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Word of the Month: Change


“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John C. Maxwell

June is here—so you know what that means! It’s time for a new word of the month. And this word is something particularly personal to us. June’s word of the month is: change.

Not sure if you’ve seen my Instagram post about our latest news… we are moving! 

This has been something in the works for a bit. My soft girl era has been calling for a little while now and we can’t WAIT to be closer to family! I missed them so much, and really felt drawn to put down roots there. So we made a decision that we are leaving our New York City life for a slower pace life in our home state of Georgia and we could not be happier with this decision! We are so excited for this project and even though we have a little bit more time left in NYC, I just couldn’t keep this secret much longer! 

We’ve been in New York 5 years now, so it is going to be quite a change for us. Even though we both are from Georgia, we’ve very much become accustomed to our lives here in the city; however, we are not only ready for this change, we felt it in our bones that it was time for this change.

And with all of our planning, moving, and preparation for this new chapter in our lives—we couldn’t help but think about the beauty, power, and fear in the inevitable—change.

Sometimes, change can be scary. You don’t always know what is next or what might happen from one change. It is completely normal to feel fearful, hesitant, and doubtful in the face of change—but these feelings can be opportunities for growth, learning, and new experiences. And, really, it’s something we should try to not be so afraid of, but rather embrace it to its fullest. Because, like the quote says, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” That’s how we are approaching this next chapter of our lives (and hopefully the other chapters that follow). 

If we think back to when we moved from Georgia to NYC, we were riddled with fear and uncertainty, but also an equal level of excitement and ready for adventure! And we can confidently say, we are so happy that we made the decision to move up here and experience this part of the world for that chapter of our lives. But now, we are ready for the next adventure! 

We have learned so much from living in New York City and really, at times, it’s still hard to wrap our heads around the life we’ve created in the 5 years we’ve been here. We are so fortunate to have met some incredible human beings, encountered and experienced some of the coolest things, drank some of the best coffee, grown our business, had our precious son, and have simply had the absolute time of our lives here.

But as this chapter comes to a close with a new one beginning around the corner, we want to encourage you all to try to not be fearful of change, but rather to embrace it and look at all the positives it could bring to your life. Life is so beautiful and there is so much to explore and learn, and we say take the risk and try new things.

There is so much beauty and life that lies within change! 

We have so much more to share about our move, our new home, and so, so, so many fun projects that will be coming our way soon!



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