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Where To Buy NEW Vintage-Looking Art


Within the past few years, the demand for ornate gold frames and vintage art has been so high. If it’s your style, it truly does elevate a space and I’m biased but I love a gallery wall with a pop of drama so it’s been the perfect touch for my apartment. I get asked often where all of my pieces are from and because I do find a lot of them while at antique stores or thrift stores, it’s hard impossible to round up all of the exact pieces. HOWEVER, I do think there are some ways to achieve this “vintage art” look and have it delivered to your door!

I’m rounding up some of my favorite sources for these pieces of art as well as all of the gold frames I’ve purchased! These are all really affordable options for art and frames so you can achieve the look for less.

PRO TIP: All of these prints are downloadable and I would recommend using MPix to have them printed. Always print on matte paper so it can be as similar to art as possible.







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