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What Makes a Sundress?


With warmer months quickly approaching, I’ve been trying to gather some dresses together for this new season. 

Amidst my searches and shopping, I came across the viral “sundress theory” on TikTok. If you haven’t come across this viral theory yet, then allow me to debrief it for you. Essentially, the “sundress theory” on TikTok is a trend where users discuss and debate on what defines a sundress, which sundresses evoke a feeling, and which are most attractive on one’s silhouette. 

And at first I was like, “What?! How can people not know what a sundress is?!” 

Quickly after that knee-jerk thought, I quickly thought to myself, “Wait… am I wrong? What even is a sundress?” 

So, as one does, I decided to do a deep dive on sundresses and their history. 

As I was researching the ultimate question: What is a sundress?  You would not believe how much fluff and jargon I came across over something as simple as a sundress. I read one quote that said sundresses “kiss the skin” and I realized that people, shockingly, had absolutely overcomplicated the idea of what a sundress is. Kiss the skin? I’m sorry… I’m confused. 

I then deviated to one of the most advanced sources of knowledge for assistance—ChatGPT. I asked ChatGPT, “What is a sundress?” And this is its response:

A sundress is a lightweight, sleeveless dress typically made of cotton or a similarly light fabric, designed to be worn during warm weather. It’s characterized by its loose and flowing silhouette, often featuring spaghetti straps or other minimalistic shoulder designs. Sundresses are usually brightly colored or adorned with floral patterns, reflecting their association with summertime and outdoor activities. They’re popular for casual wear, such as picnics, beach outings, or simply enjoying a sunny day. The sundress is a versatile garment that can be dressed up with accessories for more formal occasions or worn casually for a relaxed, summery look.

Believe it or not, to me, this felt like the best, most uncomplicated explanation for what a sundress is/should be. TikTok can sometimes make you question even the most basic things, yet somehow, ChatGPT rooted us back in reality. 

The sundress. 

The sundress is a timeless piece that can be, dare I say it, whatever you want it to be.

What I adore so much about sundresses is the way that they are so effortlessly chic and, better yet, comfortable as can be. Is there a better combo?

I like sundresses so much because they are one standalone piece. And during the warmer weather, the last thing some of us want is a cardigan or jacket to give us that layered look (that we do love!) that we do not need when the temperatures are 90 and above. 

Sometimes you need to just keep it simple. Just give me something flowy and pretty, please?! 

This being said, here is a quick roundup of some of the sundresses that I will definitely be wearing this season!



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