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Anna’s List

  1. Pearl Detail Swim Suit – I always wondered what happened to Meredith Blake after she broke up with Nick Parker. Now I know: she left California, moved to the east coast, and designed this swimsuit.
  2. Kaftan – It’s kaftan szn baby — where I truly come alive — and although this piece is on the pricey side, I really believe I’ll be a grandma, retired somewhere warm, and still wearing it.
  3. Swim Suit – I ordered ten swimsuits from Summersalt last year for a beach trip, and they all came late, so we are considering this a redemption run for this classic black suit.
  4. Shorts – I’m just a girl, looking for denim shorts, asking them to not be ripped! Spoiler alert: I found some. These are a great nod to the 90’s, and the fit is perfection (with good coverage).
  5. Shades – Celine—well, not really… I do believe these are an absolute knock off, but they were served to me, and I fell for them. They’re lightweight and under $25 which is perfect in the event that they end up in the Gulf of Mexico.
  6. Travel Wrap – Scarf, wrap, nursing cover, tissue when my hormones take over…this cashmere travel wrap does it all.
  7. Linen Pants – Queen Nancy (Meyers, obvi) would agree that every coastal grandmother needs a good pair of linen pants, and summer doesn’t start until they hit your collection. I don’t make the rules!
  8. Cover-Up – Yes, a pair of simple shorts would do the trick. But why be simple when you can be chic? I own this sarong and it’s incredibly comfortable, flattering and makes even a black swimsuit feel a little more elevated.
  9. Sandals – A neutral with a twist. These slides have a little heel to them and a pearl detail added to the buckle. Pro tip: it looks great with the above kaftan.

Nathan’s List

  1. Shades – These vintage-inspired frames have been my one-and-only’s for the past year or so. They have an effortlessly cool feel without looking like you’re cosplaying Top Gun: Maverick. At $95, they thread the needle on “these are quality and costed me something, so I’m going to take good care of them” without becoming “these are so expensive that if I lose them in the ocean I’m going to lose sleep tonight.”
  2. Shorts – Speaking of vintage-inspired, these shorts from Madewell Men’s have a very “90’s J Crew” vibe that we all should lean into a bit more. The pleats are big, the fit is head-turning-in-Mykono’s levels of flattering, and the color will go with everything in your closet. I really love taking something simple like a basic pair of khaki shorts and adding a couple of details (double pleats, and a slightly wider fit) to just absolutely crank things up a full notch and a half.
  3. Sweater – One of the tricky parts about traveling this time of year is the warm-but-not-yet-hot nature of Spring. You’ll find yourself experiencing 20 degree swings throughout the days, from swim trunks at noon to hoodie at 8pm. This cardigan is a slightly ivy league-ian alternative to sweats while still providing the comfort and quenching the “it’s a bit nippy out” evening temps. (It’s also 40% off right now.)
  4. Shirt – Short sleeve button downs are a hall of fame vacay staple, but adding this optically delectable shade of green and stitching detail to a camp counselor shape makes it a low-key banger. Catch me poolside with a mai tai in this steezy joint.
  5. Sandals – I’m not much of an “opened toe” guy, so I haven’t leapt onto the Birkenstock Revival Bandwagon with haste. That said, for $20, I can make these work as a pair of warm weather vacay-ready beaters.
  6. Multi-Charger – Anna got this for me as a yuletide gift, and it has more than earned its keep. This omni-device-rejuvenating, travel-friendly gem has wireless charging (fast juicing, too, if you were wondering) for my Airpods, iPhone, and Apple Watch, and it folds up to a very compact size to easily go in my carry-on. The whole gang is at full battery, and Tim Cook is feeling great about my Apple product consumption.



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