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Our Top Picks from the Tory Burch Private Sale


We’re nearing week six (!) of life with Sam, and as we start to catch our breath a little bit, we’re realizing what a weird winter this has been. It feels like once a month, a couple of truly bone chilling days have swept through but quickly give way to fairly mild temps. Our friend Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, but we have to ask: what kind of winter exactly, Philip? If it’s more of the same, we won’t complain.

That said, we’re starting to peak around the corner and get in the “Spring Cleaning” state of mind. Maybe it’s because we’re starting to get a schedule in place (one that we assume will change as soon as we get comfortable), or maybe it’s because we’re always a bit anxious for the next thing — we try to find a healthy balance of enjoying the moment and day dreaming about the future. Regardless of the reason, with Spring cleaning comes a bit of a refresh, a search for the right combo of transitional pieces, and a little more color creeps (er, leaps) into our lives.

Obviously we’re not alone in this, but Spring is one of our favorite times to shop because there’s a sense of anticipation of the warmer weather that shifts how you buy — for months you’ve thought about layering pieces, and now you’re longing to shed said layers ASAP. You need a parka to go outside, you’re cranking on the radiator or heat inside, and currently perusing bathing suits for that beach trip you hope to take in a few months. It’s equal parts disorienting and exciting — a little cognitive dissonance never hurt anyone.

We’ve worked with Tory Burch a few times in the past, and we’re excited to share their Private Sale that’s going on now. The selection is really great, the deals are exceptional (some pieces are 60-70% off), and the quantities, much like the time, are limited! Tory Burch is such a steady go-to brand for us, and they continue to find ways to elevate and modernize classics without getting lost in quick-passing trends. If you’re looking for a little Spring refresh or want to add high quality pieces at an excellent discount, now is a great time to do it!

We’ve added a bunch of our favorites from the sale below, so you can shop by category just by clicking on the image.. The sale is private so make sure to add your email for access here before shopping the links below!





Today’s post is sponsored by Tory Burch.



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