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The MOST Motivating At Home Workout


If you’ve been following along for the last year or so you know I’m a huge fan of the Openfit platform for working out at home (linking my 21 day trial HERE if you want to try it)! I found Openfit in the beginning of March last year right when we went into lockdown and it was the best release. I’ve been a fan of working out at home but Openfit changed the game because of the VARIETY of workouts they have. You can do anything from Barre, to running, to weightlifting, to dance cardio and everything in between. I did Barre years ago and the Xtend Barre program by Andrea Rogers kicks my tail every single time. Towards the end of last year I did XB Pilates and really loved that one as well. I have seen so much added muscle definition in my legs and arms than I have ever experienced before.

The platform has something for everyone and they are quick and effective at-home workouts. You need minimal equipment (especially for Xtend Barre) and there’s always a way to modify it with no equipment at all. I have never had a trainer I didn’t love and if you’re someone who needs a bit more accountability and structure you have the option to take live, on-demand classes through the platform. I have found that having quick 30-minute workouts has been a game changer for me! I can take the classes anytime (and anywhere) and now that i’ve been doing them for awhile I’m typically ready for more when I’m done with the workouts. I almost always add on a 15 minutes express class to the end!

As far as the app and platform, I typically use the website on my computer. If you’d prefer you can also stream it to your TV and of course a phone is always an option. The best (and my personal favorite) part about the platform is how affordable it is for a yearly subscription, especially compared to other programs I’ve used! The whole year is $120 after your free trial I’m going to hook you up with!

THIS link will get you 21 days free so you can try it for yourself! 



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