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The Importance of Picking the Right Coat


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I’d consider myself a coat connoisseur of sorts…
or potentially a coat hoarder…
but, if I had to pick five, it would be this assortment:

  1. It’s really helpful to have one that feels fun, and that you can use as the final touch to a simple outfit: A Plaid Topcoat.
  2. The cold weather essential: A Full Length Puffer.
  3. Something that can be dressed down while pairing perfectly with your holiday outfits: A White Wool Car Coat.
  4. The most versatile overcoat you can own: A Black Double-Breasted Overcoat.
  5. And lastly, potentially my favorite way to top off a look: A Longline Camel Coat.

*From Left to Right:

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