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Thanksgiving ‘Fits for Her and Him


We’re almost a week away from Turkey Day and all the fixins, so Anna and I wanted to share some outfit options to either kickstart your search or give you some inspo for pieces you already own. I’ve added some extra thoughts for the menswear pieces to (hopefully) make it easier to shop!

Womenswear Picks:

Menswear Fit # 1:

To make it easy, we’ve made every piece for outfit number one from H&M, who has brought some surprising quality to the table in recent years (especially for the price). Their brown corduroy pants are the base of the outfit, and you can mix and match the tops based on what you like most — or based on how cold you expect turkey day to be in your neck of the woods.

I would recommend the light blue button down, under the navy sweater, with the navy shacket. The half-monochrome look will be really clean with the brown pants, and you can wear virtually any shoes or boots you want with those colors. The t shirt is from my favorite basics line H&M has ever done, and is a good undershirt option if you opt for a sweater with no button down.

*For sizing: I am 5’10”, 175 lbs and wear a Medium / 32 waist in most H&M pieces. Button downs are true to size. T Shirt is true to size but a bit boxy — size down if you want a slimmer fit. Sweaters are relaxed fit, so size down if you want a slimmer fit. Shacket is also relaxed fit, so size down if you want a slimmer fit.

Menswear Fit # 2:

Option 2 is a bit more casual, and a bit more versatile. I’ve added in my favorite fitting jeans from Levi’s — which, as I’ve referenced before, are a looser in the thighs and hips, and then tapers in a really clean way — along with a great flannel from Madewell men’s. From there, you can opt for a more casual jacket option, which is also from Madewell, or you can dress up the look slightly with a stretchy, herringbone wool blazer from Lauren (a Ralph Lauren label for Macy’s).



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