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Surviving The Cold 101


My fashion choices are about to get REALLY practical. The weather might not be much colder (yet) but the difference is not being able to go from your warm home, to your warm car and into your warm destination. The difference is walking through, what feels like wind tunnels, also known as the streets of New York. Whether you’re visiting or you just want to step up your warm weather game, I’ve rounded up some necessities and an AMAZING down jacket. It is instant warmth and has some great details to ensure you stay warm all winter long.


Starting with some base layers, these styles are all Heattech, meaning they have technology that ensure heat retention. Don’t ask too many questions…just know they work!

LEGGINGS: These can be worn alone or under your jeans and pants. I got the extra warm since my jeans tend to not be warm!

LONG SLEEVE SHIRT: This scoop neck long sleeve t-shirt will be great under sweaters! I went with the scoop neck instead of the crew so that in the event I want to wear a crew neck sweater, you won’t be able to see It underneath!

BODYSUIT: They have a lot of options for bodysuits but I thought this high neck option was actually really cute. I’ll wear this layered just as a top underneath a coat and think It can look dressed up as well! I never wear this type of top untucked so I was thrilled for a bodysuit option.


DOWN JACKET: Let’s not mess around with anything else when It comes to jackets! I needed one intense coat and if I’m going to an event or taking a car somewhere, I’ll refer back to this post for other coat options. But I do think everyone needs at least one of these if you’re walking around the city for an extended period of time. Its a GREAT price in comparison to other market options and there are a few details I love about It. The length is perfect on It, It doesn’t look like a sleeping bag but will still keep your legs warm. The sleeves have elastic at the wrists so NO cold air is getting in and the pockets are lined with fleece and also zip up so that when they’re not in use, they’re not getting cold. The hood covers your hold head and has elastic so you if it’s windy It won’t fly off your head. This specific style is also water and wind resistant. And as a style note, I love that you can’t see the zipper, It gives a very seamless and chic look! It runs true to size – I’m wearing a medium and can even fit a light coat under It.

SHORTER OPTION: This one is a shorter, very chic option and has ALL of the details you want in a practical coat! I own the white but love the olive as well, and adore the gold hardware on It! For something so practical, it’s very fabulous as well!


HATS: I have two hats that I will be in rotation as of right now! This was one that Nathan found on Amazon (apparently all of the cool kids are wearing It) and I own It in grey, black and tan. This style is really cute and comes in a variety of great colors! I have It in green, blush and ivory! Both are less than $15 and do just the trick.

GLOVES: Another Heattech find are these gloves! This pair is a bit nicer and this one is more casual. I think having both is a good option depending on where you’re going!

SCARVES: You cannot really go wrong here! Everyone from Target to H&M has really good scarf options. I’ll link a few that I have and love below!



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