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Styling The Perfect Coffee Table


I think a beautifully curated coffee table is one of the most underrated things in a home. Think about It: you’ve got all of your furniture lining the walls and a rug on the ground but right in the middle of all of that, is this table out in the open. It’s likely one of the first things people see when they look at a room because your eyes are naturally drawn to It, so let’s make sure It looks great shall we?!

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with coffee table styling. Being a homebody means that I spend a lot of time cozied up on my couch (watching Friends obvi) and that lends itself to a lot of time looking at that table. It takes me a lot of time to perfect this little vignette so I’m taking the guess work out of It for you. Here are a few key factors in styling the perfect coffee table:

This is some of the best advice my mom gave me! Do this as often as you can because when you do, 80% of the time It automatically creates perfect spacing and balance in vignettes. This rule applies to EVERYTHING in interior design!

Create height when decorating using either books or having objects that are different heights. Doing this gives your objects their own time to shine and look set apart as opposed to everything looking flat. Make sure you even out your heights! If you have the tallest piece in your collection on the left, be sure the far right side has some height to balance It out. If you have one much taller piece, put It in the back middle and cascade down from there placing the smallest piece in front.

There are a few sure fire ways to achieve dimension in a vignette, my favorite always involves something shiny (mirrored tray, shiny gold, etc.) and candles! They work well together when they can reflect off each other and add so much interest and dimension to a space!

I’m a firm believer in every intentional space having some kind of “life” (I.e. a plant or flowers). Even if it’s faux, It adds a great amount of texture to any space! Just pick your favorite flower or greenery and go from there, I always go with white roses because they’re neutral but oh-so pretty. If you want something you only have to fill every few weeks, eucalypts is another great option that dries well and will last a long time.

Having a tray as apart of your space allows for more items without them feeling cluttered. You can add as many items that will fit (in odd numbers of course) and they will automatically look neat and intentional because they’re organized.

I hope this helps you create the perfect vignette on your coffee table or really any space in your home! You can watch the live styling of my coffee table below and see how much editing went into creating It!




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