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Sprucing Up Your Home For Fall


It might be a little early to be posting this…but as I sit here writing it’s rainy outside and I’m drinking coffee with a fall candle lit so let me live! If you’re wanting to know how to spruce up your home for fall, I have three ways to do just that!

    A given, right? These really do make such a massive difference and truthfully I have two lit at all times. They create an ambience and smell amazing. Speaking of smelling amazing, the Pura diffuser I was telling you all about this week is coming out with a fall scent today! This way, when your candles aren’t lit, your home can still smell amazing. Code: ANNAPAGE gets you a free fragrance when you subscribe!
    I’m not normally one for all seasonal throw pillows, but I do make an exception for fall! I like having some of my throw pillows on my couch be fairly neutral so that I can swap out the accent pillow for something rust or olive! Another great accent is with throw blankets or accent rugs, It instantly adds fall colors and coziness to any space without breaking the bank.
    Another way to add in moody fall colors is with dried floral arrangements! They add depth to a space and are a great way to add interest to a room.

I am doing my best this year not to wish any time away. If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that time is fleeting and we need to do our best to appreciate the time we have right in front of us! Hope you enjoy these little tips for sprucing up your space for the ultimate cozy fall vibes, when the time comes!



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