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Seven Recent Amazon Purchases I Don’t Regret


You know that Julia Michaels song that says, “I’ve got issues but you’ve got them too. So give them all to me and I’ll give mine to you.” Thats how sharing my Amazon purchases with you all feels. We are in this addiction together…right?! You just can’t deny the convenience and I’m unfortunately ge4tting to the point where if something ISN’T 2-day shipping I’m *offended*. (Not actually don’t hold me to that). Anyways, sharing what I have purchased recently that I’m really into!

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Rollers: Because I won’t stop trying for the 90’s Jennifer Anniston blowout & I think these might just be the trick I’ve been looking for! Not super pricey and can give major volume.

Shoe Organizer: This thing hold up to 36 pairs of shoes! INSANE!

Sconces: I LOVE the way these look in our foyer! I was really happy with the price considering they came in a set of two AND the quality is really, really nice.

Chin Mask: I have one on as I write this and let me just say…sexy. Real talk though you leave this on for 30 minutes and it helps with tighten the skin on your neck (aka double chin).

Echo Dot: Another thing I love about Amazon. If you’re sitting at your desk and you think to yourself “I wish I had a speaker to play music in here.” BOOM, next day delivery and it’s yours. We recently switched from Google to Alexa and like it SO much more! We have the larger Echo in our living room and the Dot is in our bedroom!

Glass Mugs: Now, this one might seem random (because it is) but my Mom always has beautiful glass mugs and they’re my favorite thing to drink coffee out of when I’m home. I found these and thought the etchings in the glass were another really pretty detail!

Drawer Organizer: Tis the season for organizing every square inch of your space! I needed something to get my drawers in order and this set had everything I was hoping for & some! It’s a lot less expensive than other options as well which is always a plus!




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