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Perfecting Your Self-Tan Regimen


We’ve all been there…orange hands, splotchy feet, and an all together tragic self tan situation. Ive never posted my routine before because truthfully I’ve been trying to perfect It before I did, but I’m happy to report that it’s ready…just in time for all of us to sit at home!

First things first, your tan depends so much on what product you use. I think I’ve used every lotion, towelette, mousse and spray you can and I landed on this one as my favorite. I use the shade medium in the winter (and might switch to dark in the summer) so that It stays looking very natural and not too dark. The color is perfect and gives the prettiest glow. It holds a great amount of saturation without being too much and isn’t AS expensive as other similar options. All things considered, this is the current winner! I use this mitt to apply the tanner and use these drops on my face (I don’t like using the mousse on my face and don’t think it’s meant to be used that way). I am trying a new brand of drops for my face and will report back on those. But I’m putting these because I know they work really well, I’m hoping for a less expensive option!

Next are the necessary steps to PREP for your tan:
*lotion is the game changer for an even application for dry areas!

This video shows how to apply the product for an even tan on your hands and you should use the same method on your feet as well. The key is to not add the products directly onto your hands and feet, use It on your arm/leg first, blend into your wrist/ankle and then use the leftover on your hands and feet!

This is directly after it’s applied, It will gradually darken over the next two hours. One of the reasons I love this product is because of how quickly It shows up, I don’t always plan well enough in advance for anything else!


Q: Does It transfer onto clothes/sheets?
A: Most of the time I put It on in the morning, let It dry and put clothes on and shower that night. With that routine, I don’t have transfer issues. If I’m wearing a white top I will naturally have some transfer but It always washes out!

Q: How long does It last?
A: Truthfully, It all depends on how well you take care of it. If I do the absolute least, It will stay for four days. A few tips to keep It lasting longer is to moisturize in the morning and at night. When you dry off after taking a shower, pat dry gently. Don’t use a lotion-y body wash, I use Native and It works wonders with tans!



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