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October, 2023 Recap


Oh we are so upset about October’s end. We love October!

This month we really took a step back, tried to slow down, and simply enjoy all that life has to offer. And thanks to the absurd amounts of rain New York gave us most weekends this month, it made it all the easier to slow down and relax.

We traveled to Vermont for a few days to get away from the city. We love visiting Vermont during this time of year! We stayed at a favorite of ours, the Woodstock Inn & Resort, and enjoyed every second! The fall foliage and crisp breeze made us all the more excited for the changing of the seasons. 

Ever since moving to New York City, one of our favorite things to do around this time is to walk around and look at the fascinating Halloween decorations New Yorkers put outside of their gorgeous  townhomes. People go all out for Halloween here in the city.

We also were fortunate to have friends and family visit almost every week in the month of October, which not only makes the city feel even more like home, but also gives us a chance to play tourist for a day or two. It’s so fun!

Lastly, we did our first trick-or-treat and Halloween party with Sam, and it was so much fun!

Here’s a quick October 2023 recap:

What We Wore

Talbots feathers & sparkles fit:

Banana Republic chic & classic look:

Ann Taylor polished fall styles:


Get your tech at PC Richard and Son:

New desk and stationary from Sound of Script:

Gorgeous new kitchen runner from Ruggable: 

Seasonal refresh at CB2:

Lifestyle + Self-Care

Working at a new favorite café at Capital One Café:

3 Steps to a Simplified Routine with Merit:

The Journey of Trying New Things:

Guilty Pleasures

I’m not sure this counts as a “guilty pleasure” but we recently discovered the Snoop Dogg nursery rhymes album on Spotify, and we have been listening to it a lot lately (side note, our Spotify Wrapped is going to be very interesting this year). Sam loves it, and some of the songs legitimately slap.

What We Could Use Less of in November

Beyond the obviously awful things happening in the world right now, which we touched on in our newsletter recently…

On a lighter note, we could go without any more heat waves. The month of October ended with a couple of days in the mid 80s, and it was disorienting. The chill in the air is a welcomed change in sensation.

What We Are Looking Forward to in November

Love it or hate it, we fully subscribe to the idea that, when Halloween ends, Christmas begins. We love Thanksgiving for so many reasons, but celebrating the Christmas season is one of our absolute favorite things to do. Decorations go up, and we soak up every minute of the process, peppermint, and merriment!



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