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My Morning and Night Skincare Routine


I kind of feel like creating a skincare routine can be feel a bit like figuring out which eggs to buy in the grocery store. There are tons of more natural options than there used to be, which means it can be a little overwhelming when trying to sort through the sheer volume of hyphenated words. Should I be more concerned about cage-free, pasture-raised, free-range, organic or those ones that have been magically (er, scientifically) enhanced with Omega-3 fatty acids?

In either case, whether skincare or a carton of eggs, I try my best to keep things “GMO-free”, so to speak. In other words, I want to have healthy skin for a long time, so I definitely strive for a natural approach. After trying lots of options over the years, I feel like I’ve landed on a morning and night process that has been about as close to pure magic for me and my skin as it can get.

So, to hopefully cut through the noise and provide a bit of inspiration (notice me resisting the urge to type “skinspiration”) for your skincare routine, I wanted to share the products I use, in the order that I use them, both day and night!

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1. Face Wash | 2. Toner | 3. Eye Cream | 4. Vitamin C Serum
5. Moisturizer | 6. Sunscreen | 7. Brightening Eye Balm


1. Makeup Remover | 2. Face Wash (same as morning)
3. Toner (same as morning) | 4. Serum | 5. Moisturizer

*For all Tula Products: Use code “ANNAWPAGE” at checkout for 15% off!



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