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How To Make A Bathroom Cute


You might be thinking “How much can you really do in a bathroom?”. Well a lot Karen, thanks for asking. Side note: my sisters name is Karen and she is SO NOT a Karen…so she really hates this whole epidemic. Ok, back to business. Our bathroom is actually really spacious…and I wish they would’ve added that square footage to the closet but I’m FINE. Even if your space isn’t, here are a few tips & tricks to maximizing your throne room.


This was my favorite creative solution we had in this bathroom. We don’t have a linen closet so we have no place for our towels and toilet paper. We had this little nook that ended up being the perfect size for this cart! Our exact is sold out, linking a few similars below. Side note, the jar that is holding our q-tips had a candle in It so when It burned out I cleaned It out for this! I’m pretty much always looking for an excuse to add a plant too. Here is the sign we have above, we got the larger size option.


Luckily, our bathroom has two lighting options so we have an option for a dim lighting. If we didn’t have that, I ALWAYS have a small lamp in my bathroom. This one is my favorite! It’s nice to not have to go 0 to 100 when lighting is concerned and having a lamp distributes it evenly in that area of your apartment/house!


This will forever and always be my recommendation involving any interior design. Plants (faux or real) give depth, contrast and life to a space…yes, even the bathroom. We have four in our bathroom alone but when I look at a space, it doesn’t feel complete without them!


My favorite way to keep things clutter free is with trays and small vignettes. It’s an easy way to add a plant, room spray or q-tips looking organized but not taking up any space in cabinets. This small tray fits perfectly on the back of the toilet, too!

Another piece I added, that I LOVE, is this bath stool. I take a bath almost every night and loved the idea of something next to the bath to put a candle, a drink and to store my bubble bath. Speaking of which, I found this whiskey decanter to put my bubble bath in…extra, extra! There is a really popular (and expensive) bath stool I was seeing everywhere, so I scoured Etsy and found this one! They’re so well made and reasonably priced too, we have the 19″ size. The shop gave me a discount code for you all to use too: ANNA15.




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