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Anna, How Do I Wear That: Leather Separates


Let’s just get this out of the way:

When thinking of leather staple pieces, you probably think back to your go-to leather Moto jacket. While that’s still a great piece to have, I’m happy to report that you can now find your favorite faux pieces in so much more than just a jacket. I have a pet peeve: when people say something along the lines of…”the leather trend” or “the leopard trend” because is leather really a trend? No. It’s been around and It isn’t going anywhere girl! Is leopard print going anywhere? Nope. You might see It more because it’s more popular but I wouldn’t say it’s a trend, it’s a classic. Thank you for coming to my Trend Ted Talk. Leather separates? Now that is a trend because two years ago you likely wouldn’t be wearing a leather button-down shirt. And if you’re thinking, “I still don’t think I can” that’s where this post comes in!

I love black leather pieces because It adds a cool sheen to any outfit and is a great alternative to wearing just matte black. It can’t help but give off a fierce vibe and add a touch of sass to any outfit. For today’s post I’m sticking to strictly black leather and all of its forms and if you’re new to wearing leather separates it’ll be a great place for you to start too!

Leather Dress:

Dress / Olive Jacket / Sneakers
White Button-Down / Loafers (similar)
Sweater Tunic / Belt / Boots

Leather Pants:

Leather Pants / Sleeveless Turtleneck / Sweater / Heels
Plaid Jacket / Graphic Tee / Sneakers
Sweater / Leopard Heels

Leather Shirt:

Button-Down Shirt / Distressed Denim / Booties
Headband / Denim Skirt / Cap-toe Heels
White T-Shirt / Jeans / Belt / Bag / Black Heels

Leather Top:

Leather Top / Leopard Skirt / Black Heels
Headband / White Jeans / Cap-toe Flats
Black Jeans / Denim Jacket / Sneakers

I hope this helps you confidently rock this “trend” and gives you some fun ways to spice up your looks! If you have more trends you want me to cover, comment below!




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