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Affordable Looks for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


One of my favorite things about the holidays growing up was seeing my mom essentially turn into a super hero around this time of year. She was always taking care of me and my 7 siblings, cooking meals, balancing church and family events, and somehow making it all look effortless. She also always managed to wear these beautiful dresses, skirts, and sweaters that gave her this incredible aura of feeling like no matter what, mom had us covered — even during years when that may not have been the case.

I loved seeing what she would wear to our family gatherings, and it always inspired me to want to dress for the occasion, whatever it may be. As a result, I seem to find myself looking for special dresses for my own events this time of year, and it’s an even better feeling when I can find what I’m envisioning at an affordable price. With that said, I’ve listed a few of my favorite holiday looks from Walmart, and you can shop them using the images below!

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